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Part Two: The Best Christmas ACTIVITIES

Happy December 14th! Last year, I would've said, HAPPY NATIONAL MONKEY DAY, but today is a whole new day! Today is a day with a list of the BEST Christmas Activities to do with Family and Friends alike!

Grab some friends, some siblings, and have some fun! Here are just a few GREAT things to do with company (or by yourself)!

1. Bake Christmas Cookies
Plainly said. Christmas Cookies are the whole point of Christmas.... Right? Just Kidding! Hmm.... does this give a hint about Thursday's post? Hmm.. I don't know... *said full of suspense and mystery*

2. Go Sledding
Oh, yeah. Sledding! And this sledding better have a few jumps along the way to make it even more fun! 

3. Decorate the Tree
YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!! I can only hope that this isn't the first time you've thought of decorating the tree... and I can only hope that you have already spent hours making it look AWESOME!! Besides, what's Christmas without a Christmas Tree? Even a small Charlie Brown tree is better than none!

4. Buy Christmas Presents
I LOVE this part of the holidays! It's soooo much fun! I've already bought presents... for, well... EVERYONE in my family!! I had all my Christmas presents done before December! And then, wrapping the presents is a whole activity in and of itself! I just LOVE the holidays! 

5. White Elephant FUN
Grab a few friends and have some fun! And, if you have a 3d printer, you can even make a WHITE ELEPHANT!! Genius... right? Well, it was my Dad's idea.. and he just usually is!

ELEVEN Days Til Christmas! Part Two of the Week Before Christmas Special... CHECK! Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to stay updated on more posts to come and get ready for tomorrows post!

Have a GREAT rest of your day!
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