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Ladybug Obsessions

I am officially obsessed! Or, at least I was. Imagine the authentic British accent of a National Geographic Channel narrator.... ahem... "Observe the ladybug in its natural habitat: the front lawn of the high school. Watch closely as it goes about its day, crawling along the brightly green grass." Good, right!? Sign me up, Nat Geo here I come!

I've come to realize that its very easy for me to get lost in a world where the only thing to do is take ladybug pics. Honestly, are there any better ways to spend the day? Okay, maybe its not just photos of ladybugs in particular (I got pretty attached to those fluff balls that came out of the front door wreath bird eggs)... You know... the usual nature photo hobby :)

Okay, okay... I shouldn't have mentioned fluff balls, because I can't seem to stop thinking about them! Just so I can officially get you to join the fluff balls fan club, look no further! I present "The Fantastic and Amazing Fluff Ball Journey of LIFE!"

Are you in the club!? Ha! Who am I kidding? Of course you are!

Here am I talking about ladybugs and fluff balls when I keep skipping over the best news of the day (well, sort of the past week...): I'm officially a senior, y'all! It's equally terrifying and exciting!

Aside from being a new senior and having to prep for college, I have so many plans for this summer! Of course, the To-Do lists about to come back in full steam. Nothing beats crossing something off a list! And I can't wait to spend as much time in nature as possible! (So I can get more nature photos, of course!)

Have the most spectacular month y'all! I'll most likely be back again with more photos soon :) I wonder what new nature discovery I will happen upon. Until then, chaio!