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I've been dreaming of secret passage ways. Not kidding. Pull down a book and a secret door in the library slides open kind of secret passage way. This would be totally normal, except these dreams have a little bit of a story behind them. A Giant-Castle-Estate-Size story... yes, CASTLES!!!! 

For the past few days, I have been researching about castles and summer camps every chance I get. In fact, during my free time, I wrote a 66 slide presentation about a Fantasy Summer Camp... and yes, my best friend gave me the Why-Do-You-Spend-Your-Free-Time-Doing-That face when I told her about my 66 slide presentation. She wouldn't be my best friend if she didn't look out for my sanity... which she has declared on the brink of destruction because of the castle ideas that have been roaming my mind.

Let me take a minute to blame my other best friends for putting this idea in my head. And I know I have yet to say exactly what this idea about castles and summer camps really is, but I am already in that really Hyper-Yay mood just thinking about it. My fingers are zooming across my keyboard because I am about to go crazy!



Now I'm back (only slightly less hyper and still typing really fast...)! Anyway, to give you a little more backstory about the castles that have been floating around my head, you need to fully understand one little detail... MY FRIENDS AND I ARE COMPLETE NERDS!! 115% nerdy if that was an option. It was no surprise that this idea entered one of my friends heads, and soon led to us all finishing each others sentences... which isn't that rare, but you get my point. Take a minute to imagine a summer camp for nerds who love to read fantasy novels! Yes... it took this tiny idea to turn us all insane. Three more days of lunch and we were convinced we would be willing to raise the money to make this FANTASTICAL SUMMER CAMP happen! 

I'm sure you're wondering, "Okay, but where do the castles come in?" I'LL TELL YOU! The summer camp will be an overnight summer camp held at a castle straight out of a fantasy story! This is why half of us said we would become doctors so we could raise the million/billions of dollars it would take to buy land, build a castle, and host a summer camp... AND IT SOUNDS AWESOME!!! I agreed to be a doctor (well, maybe..) and best-selling author (totally!!) who would hopefully earn millions just selling fantasy or crime novels.

Imagine riding up to a gigantic castle in a horse drawn carriage and spending the week playing games based off the best fantasy novels out there! IT BLEW OUR MIND WHEN WE REALIZED WE HADN'T THOUGHT OF THIS BRILLIANT IDEA EARLIER!!!!

Remember when I said that I made a 66 slide presentation? Well, that part is actually true, and not only did I create a schedule for the campers (which was one of my favorite parts), but I created a roadmap, and a job description for each of my friends! Here are my fantasy job descriptions for each of my best friends!

An Incredible architect and designer in
charge of building, designing,
and decorating the castle!

Full of geeky/nerdy ideas, this camp
director is not only in charge of
connecting with the kids,
but brainstorming ideas!

An Outstanding architect and designer in
charge of building, designing,
and decorating the castle!

In change of all the logistical properties
of the Summer Camp including
Camp Security (Keeping everyone sane as best as possible)!

I would copyright this idea if I could, because this just so happens to be one of the best ideas that we have come up with, and I had so much fun this past week! I was on a surge of energy and excitement meltdowns! Which in turn lead to my dreams of secret passageways!

What kind of a castle would it be if there weren't any secret passage ways?!?!


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  1. Are pocket protectors a requirement and will those be provided or should I bring my own so I know they will fit correctly? I mean, really, how are we going to carry all our pens and pencils.

    1. Mmm... tough question. I'll take it up with the other besties. I'll vote yes of course. Those should obviously be required! After all, we don't want any ruined pockets at a nerdy summer camp. :)

    2. Just took it up with the besties! Pocket Protecters have the green light! They will however be recommended, not required, and we'll keep a good stash on hand should someone need a few! 😁

  2. Pens and pencils? Who uses those any more? I would hope they would give you iPads or, even better, a super cool Kindle so you could sit by the fireplace in the great room to read. Maybe even a Snuggy for those cooler nights.

    1. Of course pens and pencils! And, maybe even quills. Serious nerds are not going to just sit around and read, they would write their own stories, re-write the endings of others, write in the scenes they thought were missing. Come on, this is fantasy camp, use your imagination!

  3. What if we used quills and ink bottles like in Harry Potter. It would be a little messy but those could be an option for anyone who wants them.

    1. YES! Most definitely YES! That is an AWESOME idea!!


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