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Day One: Monkey Day

Today is National Monkey day! When I think of monkeys, I think of those quizzes where they tell you what animal you would be, and I feel almost offended when I get animals like butterflies, or worse..... a deer. Why can't I get a monkey? Has anyone ever gotten a monkey? We are told that monkeys are the animals closest to humans, and yet I get stuck with a deer.

I even act more like a monkey! Monkeys are crazy right? Or is that just the movies? Even without the movies, monkeys just seem much more fitting for me. Just ask anyone who knows me well. A monkey is better!

To go even further on National Monkey Day, there are traditions! A tradition like creating Monkey-Themed art or Monkey-Shaped food is common for anyone who actually knows that National Monkey Day exists!

Overall Monkey day was created so that we don't lose sight that in the end, Humans are close in relation to Monkeys!

Happy National Monkey Day Everyone!
Let me know in the comments if you carried out any Monkey Day Traditions, and have a GREAT day! 
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  1. Happy monkey day. To celebrate, I baked cookies.


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