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Part Three: The Best Christmas GIFTS (for Teens)

Ever wonder what to get a teen? They're so indecisive they can't even tell you themselves! Which, I know only because I am a teenager... well, parents, friends, family... This is the key guide that you've been looking for ALL year!

Here are 5 things just about EVERY teen is sure to LOVE getting for Christmas!

1. FOOOOOOD!!!! Cookies and Sweets Alike!
Packed in a neat basket, this makes for a great holiday gift that EVERY teen will love. Make some cookies, maybe stuff in some of their favorite snacks (you know... goldfish is a great hitter for most... but beware! It has bioengineered food ingredients..).

2. Handmade Ornaments
Anything handmade truly shows you care, which is why handmade ornaments make for GREAT Christmas gifts!

3. Personal Christmas Cards
This can be a handmade gift to! If not, a quick trip to the crafts store down the road is sure to have some hilarious Christmas cards. Just add a little friendly note inside to the person who will be receiving it... and TA-DA!! A easy gift: CHECK!

4. A Basket of Chocolate
Oooooo.... yeah! CHOCOLATE!!!! Enough said.

5. A Hangout with Their Bestie's
You know? Grab some friends and drag them along on the best day out! The new Spider-man is coming out on December 17th! Why not take your friends to the movies. Hmmm... Hangout? A hint for Friday's post... hmmm... I don't know?? *said with immense suspense and mystery*

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Merry [early] Christmas y'all!
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