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Letting My Writer's Ego Speak For Itself

THIS IS THE SUMMER! I've convinced myself... no turning back, no regrets, no stopping mid-sentence... THIS WILL BE THE SUMMER I ACHIEVE MY GOAL!

Hello Everyone!

As you may know by now, I am an aspiring best-selling author. Although that may be my tiny little ego talking, I'm determined to prove it right! I've spent the last week working to perfect my latest idea for a novel (which means creating a slideshow with LOTS of slides... hehehe)!

First: I Need To Create The World!
Now this may sound easy... but it's not. I'm not saying I'm not enjoying it though! I absolutely love browsing the internet for pictures to connect to places I want to incorporate in my world! The only problem is, I may love it too much... There are five parts to building a world; Location, People, Events, History, and Government. I've just recently completed all, and yet, I keep finding myself going back and adding more (at least in the long run my world will be AWESOME!)... but that also means that I'm already at 61 slides... typical nerdy me! At least for now, I am in love with the world I have created! I've got abandoned subway stations, hospitals, and a super cool dock full of ships that look like pirate ships! Now I know that may sound like they don't go together, but I've found a way to make it work! I've got the BEST FUTURISTIC CITY EVER! (Again... ego talking!)

Second: I Need To Create Conflict!
Easier said than done considering I'm planning to write a mystery. Don't worry though! My mystery is bound to keep you on your toes anticipating and waiting for the next clue to pop up! Just the other day, I fantasized about being the next John Grisham, so I told my friends... NEWS FLASH! They have no idea who he is! He's only about the best mystery author ever! However, my ego was not crushed... I will simply write a good mystery and be happy! (Even if it isn't as good as John Grisham's novels...)

Third: I Need To Create Characters!
Knowing how much joy I've found with googling images for my world, I will probably get distracted again when I start googling images for my characters! I've yet to create any slides for this yet, but I've already got pictures of my characters in my head! Imagine this: A detective teams up with an assassin to solve the mysteries the police have yet to crack! And yes, this is a very general idea, but that's only because I must keep my potential audience waiting in anticipation for my book to release!

Fourth: I Need To Plot!
My arch nemesis... plotting. Let's just say that with my past 20+ stories (that I never finished) only one had a plot and it wasn't solid... but, if I'm to have an intriguing mystery I have to have an AWESOME plot with the least amount of plot holes possible!

AND FIFTH: I Need to Write!
Now this may be my favorite thing on my list of things to do and I'm finding it soooooo hard not to stop now and start writing! But, if I'm to create a best-seller with very little plot holes, I need to stick to my plan and create as many slides as necessary! 

I don't expect myself to be able to complete an entire book in just this summer. It takes time to create a best-seller... and it's worth it!

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Have a Wonderful Summer!

Image by Grace, Author of Montana Teen Life