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Signs of Spring

Apparently, all it takes for me to get myself to sit down and begin typing out a blog post are a few small bird eggs nesting in my mother's wreath. Yes, those are eggs, and yes, that is the front door wreath... 

However much I would love to take credit for this amazing discovery, it's all because of the cat. Though she sleeps for more than half the day and spends much of her free time running around the house, or eating the newly mowed grass outside, she gets the credit. After all, she had to be meowing at the front door for some reason. Turns out, she was the first of us to discover that birds were making their home in the most unlikely of places. Though I can't blame them, that wreath really is beautiful!

Aside from the daily bird inspection, which my family has been conducting as a team (an event in which I have to stand on my tippy-toes to even get my phone camera high enough to see... yes, I'm short), I've been wearing my sandals, shorts, and driving with the cool air on for a reason: I was desperately in need of spring! But it wouldn't stop snowing! Yes, I realize that the last skiff of snow we got was from a few weeks ago, but please allow me to reminisce for a moment. The snow is finally gone!

Of course, it decided to finally give us 70 degree weather (almost too hot.. haha) when I had to take the ACT, and then a week or so later when I took my AP test. I really have been busy! I promise that I haven't been ignoring the blog tab on my computer for just any reason! 

I couldn't be happier that it's spring!

...Back to the bird instance at hand, they haven't hatched yet, but based on my small smidge of research on Google, my mother and I have concluded that they are going to be hatching soon. While I can't wait to see the small little birds, I know in my heart that they are going to be so loud and annoying :)

It will be great, though! The cat will have something she can do all day (meowing at the front door, of course), and I'll get to enjoy the spring even more. While I love spring because of the perfect weather and because of all the blooming greens, I also love it because school is almost over... so, even though spring feels as if it's only really just begun, I'm already hoping for summer!

I pray you all have the most amazing time this spring! Enjoy the birds, the flowers, the trees, the grass, and so much more. 'Till next time.

Photo above taken by Grace.