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The Ultimate Best Friend To-Do List

Before Summer began, my good friends and I got together and began to brainstorm all the ways we were going to make this summer amazing. Of all the crazy things we do together, I'm 100% sure the list we came up with amplifies our personalities perfectly!

As for our hangouts this summer (apparently they're not called playdates anymore), I think we're starting to understand that our Best Friends Awesomeness List (yes, that is really what I named it in my notes app), is more like our To-Do-Together-Before-We-Go-To-College-List. Which is better because it means we might actually do everything on this list... which would be so awesome!

As we were constructing this list, Google was by far the best helper :)

Number One on the list: Baking Contest
Or, in other words, the ULTIMATE TEEN CUPCAKE CONTEST! Where we go to my best friends house, bake cupcakes, decorate them, and have my friends sisters be the judges. Too bad we've yet to do this one, but I'm sure it will be in our near future. I might have had some ideas in mind when I said we would have her sisters (who know I think they're adorable) judge... can you tell I'm a little competitive??

Down the List a Bit: Outdoor Activities
A deck sleepover party, camping, outdoor movie night (with a projector and all), a picnic behind the library, stargazing, a day at the water park, and a trip to the farmers market. 

A Little Ways Down the Road (Literally and Figuratively): Our Senior Road Trip
Every Senior goes on a Senior Trip, right? In our case we're thinking a trip around the US, somewhat close to home, where we can have so much fun. As I've mentioned in my earlier post about this trip, snacks are necessary, and fun music is required!

Every List Needs: Sleepover Activities
When we're not playing Uno, we figured we had better have other things to do, which is why activities such as Chocolate Tasting Session, Fantasy Sports, and Online Shopping have made they're way onto our amazing list :)

What Every List Needs: A Minecraft Hangout
A virtual hangout in which we join each other's world's and build. It's as easy and as fun as that!

Last But Not Least: The Get-Together's In-Between
When we're not running around with all the other activities on our list we'll be sure to have a spa day, go to an escape room together (and hopefully make it out), or just hang out at a coffee shop together.

I need to start planning our next get-together!

Have a great week!
Photo by kaboompics on Pixabay