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Dream-House Daydreams

I've finally gotten to that age where I can't stop myself from thinking about my dream-house. Sure, I still have plenty of years to go before I'm anywhere near the dream-house stage of life (and yes, there is such a thing), but I can't stop imagining all the super cool things I'd have in my house... from secret passage ways to books upon books piled up in the halls! 

Every house (in my opinion) should have secret passage ways! Have I been stuck on the idea of secret passage ways for years now? Yes, I have, but there are so many things to do with secret passage ways. Think, hidden library, secret garden, mysterious office... the possibilities are endless! Have I managed to sell any of you on my dream-house design plans? I think I'm just continuing to selling myself on the topic!

I've been on this idea for a while now. While I know, the likely-hood of actually having secret passage ways in a house are slim, like I said earlier, I'm not yet to the dream-house stage of life. You know, after the first house and the dream everyone has after. Okay, I've never owned a house before, so I'm probably making up stories about this dream-house stage of life, but I have this feeling it's why my mom still looks on Zillow all the time! Am I right, or what?!? 

Anyways.... I've figured if I want to have my ultimate dream house it's going to take a little bit of work. I'm still in the naive point of writing thinking that my first book will get me places, but who knows? In reality, I'm not looking for a super expensive house, just a little unique... which is why I have already enlisted one of my best friends (who wants to be an architect) to design my home for me. 

I can imagine a little house in the woods, surrounded by a huge garden and tall trees. Of course, a nice porch to spend days reading and relaxing as well as hanging plants surrounding the rail. For some reason (probably the fact I grew up in Montana), I'm in love with a farmhouse styled house, which to me means a white kitchen. Oh, how I love the idea of a white kitchen! I would give up just about every crazy design in my house (except the porch...) for a white kitchen. Call me crazy, but it's dreammmmmy...

Snapping out of that fantasy and back into reality, I probably wouldn't give up numerous book shelves to get a white kitchen. I can already imagine all the walls with little crevices for my books. Those 60+ Nancy Drew books of mine need a home!

Out of curiosity, how crazy am I because I'm thinking of a tiny home? I suppose that's a thought for another day, but I don't really know how much space is really necessary. Just as long as I have enough room for whatever pet I end up with, all the books I collect along the way, and a nice kitchen :)

For now, I think I've moved on from the idea of living in a giant castle with my friends, but that idea's still drifting around in my brain :)

While this crazy realization of mine might not come to life, I find there's no harm in daydreaming about the fun, the fantastical, the impossible, and the in-between.

Have a great week!
P.S. What's your dream-house look like? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

Image Above my Tumisu on Pixabay