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Senior Road Trip?

Picture this: Three teenage girls in their senior year of high school going on a road trip around the US together. Just them and the world. Sounds AWESOME, right?! Or is it just crazy?

A few years ago, I got a book of 97 things that someone should do before they finish high school. One of them was to go on a road trip with your friends!! Of course, the idea stuck... why wouldn't it? It's soooooo CRAZY-AWESOME!!! So, I took it up with the besties, and everyone is on-board!

This trip would take some work and planning, which is exactly why I've been thinking about it even though I still have a year or two before my senior year, but I can't stop thinking about how much FUN this trip would be!

PART ONE: Destination
The first and most important step towards planning this vacation/road trip would be figuring out where we'd go! Funny thing is, when I asked one of my friends, she said, "New York". FYI, I AM NOT GOING TO DRIVE ALL THIRTY-TWO HOURS TO NEW YORK!!!!!!!! Yes, we would take turns driving, but 32 hours is still waaaaaay tooooooo loooooooong!

Okay, I might have replyed with "I want to go to DC" which happens to be only one hour shorter than the New York drive, so the whole East Coast is pretty off limits unless we were to zigzag our way across the US so it wasn't just one long drive. 

So, best friends, if you're reading this... How about West Coast-ish?

PART TWO: Driving
I think there is some unspoken rule that my car will be offered up for driving.... not sure how comfortable I would be with someone else driving my car though.... ooooo... maybe I'll drive the majority of the time! Of course, there would be rules in the car. (Maybe we should rent a fun van so I don't get crabby...) Not to take the fun out of this AWESOME road trip, but to add to the fun (and to stay safe)!

Here are the Rules:
2. The job of DJ is for the person in shotgun and the person in shotgun ONLY! (Note: suggestions are welcome!)
3. Everyone takes turns driving!!! NO WRECKING GRACE'S CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4. The person in the backseat is in charge of doling out the snacks! NO MAKING MESSES IN GRACE'S CAR!!!!!!!!!!! (Snacks have been packed prior to driving and are perfect for teenagers! Hint: That probably means fruit snacks, but I will suggest granola bars!)
5. Games are required on the road to entertain those not driving! (See Rule #1 for Game rules)
6. BE SAFE! (DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID!! Directed to no-one in particular :)
7. Be nice to Grace's Car :) Please......
8. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, there are probably more than two parts to a road trip (like paying for it), but Destination and Driving are by far the BEST parts!

Well, we'll see where this crazy idea gets us!

Let me know in the comments where you think we should go on our road trip!

Have an AWESOME week!
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