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Bucky the Deer

Meet Bucky the Deer! I may not have any pictures of him yet, but you should see him! He has these antlers that stick straight up in the air (maybe 6-7 inches), and he walks with an attitude! And, he's a buck (hence the name)... :)

Bucky was born a triplet and has been his Mommy's favorite since birth! I've heard so many stories about Bucky. A little trip up to Grandma's house before school starts leaves me with more then enough stories to fill a blog post about many interesting things but... on this trip, I learned about Bucky.
He has a little bit of an attitude, but more than anything he's just overly friendly. My Grandma told the story about the day when she was eating oatmeal outside. She made the mistake of leaving it unsupervised and that's when Bucky came round. When she came back to her oatmeal, there Bucky was with his nose in her oatmeal. She was done eating it! Bleh!

While I might not have gotten any pictures of Bucky while I was up at Grandma's, I got a few pictures of his mother as she was strolling about in the yard.

There are always some great stories that come from Grandma's house. I can't wait to share what I hear on our next family trip up to Grandma's House!

Have a GREAT week!