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Captain Curly Ruffles

Meet Captain Curly Ruffles!.. and yes, that is what I'm going to call my cat from now on. It's either that or Baby Yoda... I mean, have you seen my cat! Pull her ears down a little bit and she looks like a tiny, curly-haired, Baby Yoda!

Okay, I can't take all the credit for the amazing name, Captain Curly Ruffles. The glory goes to my best friend, who happens to be a genius when it comes to naming really cute and curly kitties. The second I heard her call my cat, Captain Curly Ruffles, I knew I had to write it down to share with all my readers.

Seriously! There couldn't be a better name for my cat! And it's no joke when I call her "Captain". That cat has the vocal cords to command a ship. She even likes to think she owns the house! With the hot weather outside, she's always at the back door yowling (obnoxious meowing) until someone comes and opens the door for her. 

Sometimes, it takes her an additional minute to actually walk all the way out the door onto the back porch. She can be SOOOOOOOO ANNOYING sometimes! I can't even sleep in past 9:00am because she in my room meowing and going crazy until I get up! Most of the time, she just wants more food or extra petting, but lately, she's been wanting outside!

Let me tell you more about Captain Curly Ruffles, but let me just start by saying, despite the fact she is one of my most annoying family members, I absolutely love her. She is such a goofball! For example, Captain Curly Ruffles isn't an outdoor cat by nature, so when she goes outside, the largest thing she can catch and eat is a moth that is flying really slow :) 

It is soooo humorous to watch her try to catch the birds! It usually results in them all congregating on the fence after one has chirped a welcome to its friends. There are about 4-5 birds on the fence teasing Captain Curly Ruffles before she finally gives up and comes back to the house door to seek more attention.

Now you may be wondering, after all my blabbing, why Captain Curly Ruffles? Where did that name come from? Well, I already told you that my genius and nerdy best friend came up with the name! And because of how curly (and bossy) my cat can be, the name suits her!

Does this not look like a very bossy kitty in charge? :) Hehehe... this is one of my best pictures of her meowing! I caught the perfect angle!

Let me know in the comments any funny names you have for your pet! Is it as good as Captain Curly Ruffles?


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