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5 Ways to Entertain a High Schooler (With a Cat!)

One thing I know for certain: Cats are Entertaining! They play with whatever toy they find and jump as high as they can to reach something. Cats are entertaining! So if you're bored at home and you don't know what to do, find a cat (maybe your friend has one, or visit a cat shelter and bring some toys along)! There are soooo many things you can do to entertain a cat, yourself, and any high schooler at the same time!

Here are FIVE Ways to Do Just That!

1. Use a Nerf Gun Dart
The picture up above is of Numa! She is such a pretty kitty with such a HUGE attitude! One of her favorite toys is a bright green nerf gun dart. Let me tell you, she has torn that nerf dart to shreds because she plays with it so much! It is so entertaining to watch her roll on her back as she tries to attack the nerf dart!

2. The Ol' Food Under the Door Trick
When Numa isn't playing with her bright green dart she'll start to dig under the hall closet door. The funny thing is, she's digging for cat food even though her bowl is full. From my understanding, she's even managed to put a hole in her cat food bag. To help keep Numa entertained I stuck a few pieces of cat food under the door and watched while she dug under there to get it. It might not sound entertaining, but trust me, everyone in the room was watching her dig for cat food!

3. Play Chase the Mouse
If you don't know what I mean here, think Tom and Jerry, only the cat is real and the mouse isn't. I've seen my cat Pippa chase a mouse and it seems to be the toy she loses the most and the one she loves to play with the most. It's so much fun to watch her play with it. Because she is an indoor cat, her reflexes can be a little slow, but it's sooooo much fun to watch her sit in a corner and wait to pounce on the mouse!

4. The Fur-Ball From the Slipper Trick
One of Pippa's favorite toys she used to get attention is a small fur ball that fell off of a slipper. While it may be one of the most annoying toys she has, it can be so entertaining to watch her waltz around the house meowing while it's in her mouth. She makes the weirdest meows when she has that fur-ball!

5. Take The Indoor Cat Outside
An indoor cat may have some of the instincts of an outdoor cat, but that doesn't mean they have any of the reflexes. The first time I saw an indoor cat walk outside she was so scared to even touch the grass! Now, she plays in it, often chasing moths that are easy to catch. It's even more entertaining to watch her try to catch a bird... she has no knowledge of stealth, therefore she has yet to catch one. 

Cats can be so entertaining! Pets overall can be so entertaining to watch play!
Let me know in the comments about the most interesting thing you've see your pet do!
Have a GREAT week!


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