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Marvel vs. DC

Which is better? Marvel comics, the home of Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, and Captain America? Or is DC better? The home of Batman, Catwoman, The Flash, and Superman. Well to start: What does DC even stand for? According to my friend, Uncle Google, DC stands for Detective Comics. Seeing as DC is the creator of the Batman Detective Comics, this name fits well. However, even with all this knowledge, it still isn't always enough to determine who is better. DC or Marvel?

Well, what's the first step in determining who the better Superhero creator is? Perhaps the best start is determining who your favorite superhero is. Is it a DC character, or is it a Marvel character? 

This is a hard question for me. I would think it would be an easy answer, but the more I think about it, the more I feel my answer would be based on actors rather than the character itself. If I were to say Spider-man, am I saying I like the character, or the actor. If it is the actor, which one? Tom Holland? Toby McGuire? Andrew Garfield? Each actor has their own way of portraying the character that is different in some way or another than another actor. 

Currently, my favorite superhero is a tie between Batman and Ironman... but what's the difference? They're both billionaires. Both superheroes. They both have their own company. Both of their parents are dead. Both have AWESOME gadgets..... Shall I go on? What really is the difference when it comes to DC and Marvel superheroes?

Batman is merely the same as Iron Man
Wonder Woman and Thor.
The Joker and Loki. (I know... not superheroes, but you get my point.)
The Flash and Quicksilver. (Wanda's brother.)
Superman and Captain America.
Green Arrow and Hawkeye.
Alfred Pennyworth and Jarvis.

The list could go on and on and on! Sure, DC doesn't come out with as many movies as fast as Marvel has. But in the end, there is little difference between Marvel superheroes, and DC superheroes!

Let me know in the comments: 
Who is your favorite superhero? Who do you think is better, Marvel or DC?

By AnnaliseArt (Unknown Year)
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  1. Oh,wow, You got me, I have no favorite.

  2. Marvel is definitely better.. loki is better than joker!! Also, Batman is kinda grumpy ��


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