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The Internet Was Made For CATS

Am I wrong? The internet was made for cats just as much as YouTube was made for crazy cat videos! If you were to go to a blank tab and search "CATS", there will be more than 591,000,000 results. That's a lot! Even if you search "BACON", you will only end up with 290,000,000 results. And, if you search "CATS" on YouTube, you will be scrolling for hours and hours before you ever reach the end! 

Sure, YouTube was probably made for cats more than the internet was. When I search "DOGS" in a blank tab, I get more than 3,390,000,000 views! Now that's impressive! 

BUT!.. that isn't enough to convince me that the internet wasn't made for cats... even just a little bit. Everyone knows that YouTube was made for cats, and you can't have YouTube or Crazy Cat Videos without the internet. So surely the internet was made so that you could watch crazy cat videos...right?

My cat has the potential to be a YouTube STAR! Sure, anyone can argue that... but have you seen how cute my cat is?!?!? If not, just look at the picture above. SHE IS ADORABLE! She's tiny too, and has curly hair, and is a Psycho-Kitty half the day. She practically fits the profile already! All that's left is to catch her on video doing something funny! But... my cat is llllaaaaazzzzzyyyyy! Sure all cats sleep all day and lick themselves, but my cat doesn't go outside like most cats. She barely does anything all day! And since she doesn't go outside, she doesn't have the chance to play catch with a live mouse. Then again, that just makes videos of her playing with a fake mouse even more enjoyable to watch.

Get this, my cat can even do a dramatic fall. One second she's sitting, the next, she is slow-mo falling onto her back!

My cat is a YouTube STAR in the making! 

She was made for YouTube...
YouTube was made for her...
The Internet was surely made for YouTube...

Do you have a cat? If so, is your cat a YouTube star in the making? Let me know in the comments! 



  1. Pippa is a star in the making, especially when she uses her voice which doesn't fit the rest of her. Loud and raucous.


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