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February Movies

This post is dedicated to all the people I love. Love y'all!

Chocolates, date-nights, flowers, and the month where the weather decides to freeze everyone to death. All these aspects make up the month of February, and if you plan to watch a movie, I recommend the following movies. 5 romance movies that are either classic, hilarious, or very sappy romance movies. All together, these 5 movies are my favorite romance movies to watch, and are even better when watched in the month of February.

1. Hitch
One of my favorite Will Smith movies, that just so happens to be a comedy romance. Will Smith plays Alex Hitchens, a "date doctor" who helps men win over women's hearts and have long-lasting relationships. All's well when he helps out a new client, who needs his help more than ever. Then, Hitch meets a girl, and his relationship skills plummet as he fails to live up to what he teaches his clients.

2. Leap Year
Even though it isn't a leap year, this movie is still a very comedic romance. Another must watch for February romance movies, about a girl who plans to surprise her boyfriend and propose to him. A leap year tradition that in all of its quirks, sends this girl on the trip of her life through Ireland.

3. Letters to Juliet
I enjoyed this movie the first time I watched it. Maybe because it's about an aspiring author or the sappy romance, but whatever it was, this movie was one of my favorites.

4. Monte Carlo
3 girls who just got out of high-school (2 best friends, and one step sister) are on their way to Paris for the first time only to end up with tickets to Monte Carlo. Don't be surprised that they all end up with their dream man. This is a romance movie after all.

5. The Princess Bride
One of the best classic romance movies of all time (personally speaking). It's hilarious too, and not just a romance movie, I might add. It just so happens to have sword fights, eels, giants, and poison!

Enjoy this month watching sappy romance movies with the people who matter to you. Have a GREAT month and HAPPY (early) Valentines day!

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you also as we both watch sappy love story movies.

  2. I know I'm a bit late in this post lol or early for this next February/Valentine's Day movie selection. But I have a few suggestions for you to watch...well more than a few lol but let's start with the "classics" #1. Pride & Prejudice...preferably with Kiera Knightly #2. Jane Eyre...I LOVE this movie, book etc. It's a bit darker, but I think that's why I'm drawn to it more than the 1st. But make sure you watch the one with Michael Fassbender �������� cause he's a hottie and plays a fantastic brooding Mr. Rochester. On to #3. Sense & Sensibility with Kate Winslet...also Emma with Gwyneth Paltrow is good and lighthearted as well. There's also a few others, but they are sad so it's up to you when you watch them. #1. (One of my absolute favorite movies and poets...aka John Keats) Bright Star #2. Becoming Jane...with Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy ������ This one is about Jane Austin, it's sad but an amazing movie.

    Ok, on to other movies besides "classics" or about "classic writers" lol I know not everyone has the same taste or appreciation for those. I enjoy them so much because they are simple. There were strict rules for "courting" etc, they're "clean" and give you butterflies with the simple touch of two bare hands...back then, besides when dancing at a ball etc, it was "against the rules" for two to touch bare handed. But anyways lol on to other "chick flicks"...#1. P.S. I Love You #2. Sweet November #3. Phantom of the Opera #4. Prince & Me (I LOVE this movie!!! And it's happy lol) ....Ok, I need to stop because this comment is already insanely long lol but I love you and I hope you enjoy some or all of these if you haven't seen some of them already. ������

    Love you,
    Aunt Katie

    1. πŸ˜…It's never too late (or too early) for Febuary movies! Everyone needs to watch a romance movie here and there and since the month is fast approaching, it's good to be prepared!
      Geez! I have so many movies to watch now! Thanks for the suggestions!

      Love ya!
      P.S. In my book, no comment is ever too long πŸ™ƒ


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