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"I Have a Dream..." - Martin Luther King Jr.

August 28th, 1963 (58 years ago) Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his famous "I Have a Dream" speech. A speech that is still taught in schools, and from a man, who will never be forgotten. Today however, we are not celebrating his speech, but rather his birthday. For without the birth of Martin Luther King Jr., there wouldn't have been his speech.

Today, I have a dream.

I dream that some day in the future, men and woman would get along. Children wouldn't suffer in their homes. People of different color and of different race would not be considered different. That one life would not matter more than another, but that the people in America and all around the world would come to realize that all lives matter. I dream, children all over the world would grow up thinking it wrong to call others names, to put themselves above others, or judge someone on so little. I dream, everyone would start to think of life as a gift, and no longer a burden.

...and if I'm being honest, I dream that science tests would get easier, and that my teachers would all do the same thing when it came to remote learning.

...and, I dream that when COVID-19 is no longer a serious threat, that no one would forget it. Rather, learn from it.

This is my dream for today. It may not be as special as Martin Luther King Jr.'s was, but I know that it will reach the heart of someone who needs it. Let me know in the comments: What's your dream? 

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

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