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5 Reasons High School is Better than Middle School

High School is better than Middle School in soooooo many ways (except for homework... and textbooks...). Anyyyyway, like I was saying, High School is sooooooo much better than Middle School. The Lunch is better. The Library is better. The Teenage Drama is better. The Teachers are better. And, I'm pretty sure the Middle School doesn't have a coffee shop!

Example #1: LUNCH
At my Middle School, lunch (one of the best parts of the school day) only lasted 30 minutes, and the lunch aids would kick you out 15-20 minutes into your lunch period, because they felt you needed "Fresh Air". Now, I wouldn't have argued. It's just that they did this in the winter too. When there was snow on the ground. And as long as it was above 10 degrees, we had to be outside after lunch. My friends and I went to the library during lunch hours, that way we could read and not have to go out in the freezing cold Montana weather. Lunch in High School is way longer. It lasts 50 minutes, you can still go to the library, and go outside (only if you want). 

Example #2: LIBRARY
When I was in Middle School, our Library was only one story, and full of books for Middle Schoolers. Don't get me wrong, I loved those books, but then I went to High School, and the Library was soooooooo much better! At my High School, the Library is TWO STORIES, FULL of GREAT books for High School students (which in my case means much more gory... and the more gory the better). 

Example #3: DRAMA
I'm not talking about Drama class (which I loved about Middle School), I'm talking about relationship drama. I'm not a fan of drama or the Who-Likes-Who stuff, which was very popular in Middle School. Even worse, when we were in Middle School, the drama kids (again, not theatre kids... different kids), the drama kids would make their drama as DRAMATIC as possible, because they wanted to have High School drama. Word of advice to all dramatic kids in Middle School: Wait till you're in High School! In High School, there isn't less drama, it's just more entertaining (which is the best part if you're like me and like the entertaining stuff). Still, stay CLEAR of DRAMA in Middle School. The other reason it's better in High School, is because people learn to keep their drama to themselves. 

Example #4: TEACHERS
Wait... had to think about this for a while. I liked my Middle School teachers a lot better than my High School teachers. Not even sure why.

Example #4 2.0: TEACHERS
Okay, yes.... High School teachers are better, because they treat you like you're an almost adult. That's something that Middle School teachers don't do. 

Example #5: COFFE SHOP
Yep, no Middle School has a Coffee Shop. Then again, not many High School's do either... but mine does! Not that I like coffee, but there are people who do like the nasty bitter drink. Like I said before: HIGH SCHOOL IS BETTER THAN MIDDLE SCHOOL!

Yes, High School may have teachers who give you textbooks to lug around in your backpack. And teachers who give you extra homework, but HIGH SCHOOL IS BETTER THAN MIDDLE SCHOOL!

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  1. A coffee shop, wow!! I'm going back to high school.


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