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Special: Kitty Photo Shoot

The last day of Montana Teen Life's WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL, and this Kitty Photo Shoot is by far my favorite post of the week. As a continuation of my post Cats, Cats, And More Cats, this post captures the essence of any cat, from devious, to playful, to just downright odd. Say hello to Numa (picture above), I'd say she is very happy to be playing, so much so, she looks as if she's laughing. 

I can't decide if this cat is scared of the camera, or just staring into the light enough that her pupils are dilated to the point where she looks freaked out. Her name is Pippa, and she is an odd cat. Just the fact that she lays on her back often is weird. However, Pippa isn't just downright odd, she happens to be a creepy kitty as well.

This picture of Pippa is CREEPY! I mean, look at her eyes! Okay, now that I've looked, I'm having troubles looking away. She's creepy yes, but she is also sooooooo CUTE! Then again, aren't all cats? Not only am I having troubles looking away, but I just can't wrap my brain around how she is doing that pose. Cats don't take yoga class, right?

Apparently Pippa can mirror just about all emotions. This one looks pretty devious, evil, menacing, and any synonyms for those words. I wonder what happened. She does not look happy! Scenario #1: Someone took away her treats. If that's the case, she must LOVE her treats, because she looks way too unhappy for that. Scenario #2: Someone is taking her picture. Opps... that would be me... I hope she isn't mad at me. Scenario #3: (Probably the most likely scenario) She got interrupted while performing in yoga class.

Merry Christmas! I hope you all enjoyed my WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL. Let me know in the comments if you would like me to make this an annual reoccurrence, and do a themed Week Before Christmas Specials. If so, what theme would you like to see next year?

Have a GREAT rest of your weekend, and if you haven't already, subscribe to Montana Teen Life to get notifications when new posts are published!



  1. That first cat is scary. The other one looks like a contortionist sleepyhead. But, then again, that's all cats do - weird (or annoying) things and sleep. Why is people have cats? Geesh

  2. That first cat can be scary but mostly she is a love bug. The second is so cute. I loved the special day theme you had this week, also I love pictures of my grandcats.

  3. The last Cat is my favorite when she look mad.


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