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Grizzly Bear Cams

For a few years, my Aunt has been putting up cameras in her yard in hopes of catching sight of Grizzly bears. Oh course, she would only catch sight of them in the summer months when they weren't hibernating, but after a while, she got a lot of pictures and it seemed as if the Grizzly bears knew just where the cameras were. 

I've never heard anyone say that Bears can take selfies, until my Aunt started talking about these pictures. I found it hard to believe that the Grizzlies were looking at the camera and taking selfies, until I saw the pictures she sent me. These two Grizzly bears above look like they are actually taking a selfie! And out of all the selfies I've seen, the picture of the trio below is one of my favorites for obvious reason.

Either these bears are taking a Rear-End-Selfie, or there is something really interesting on the ground next to that tree. I find it hard to imagine what thing would be more important than taking a selfie, and therefore I think its a Rear-End-Selfie! Despite the fact the Grizzlies at my Aunt's house like to take selfies, every once in a while it looks as though they are just going through their nightly routine.

Take the picture below as an example. This Grizzly bear looks like he (or she) is just scavenging for food up in the tree. Well, I suppose it could be a full body selfie. Perhaps this bear takes gymnastics class, and just wants to show off their Hind-Leg-Walk-Routine.

Over time, the pictures from my Aunt's cameras seem more and more like selfies! In the picture below, the bear looks like it is smiling, and the picture right below that, the bear looks angry. 

Since my Aunt lives in the forest, Grizzly bears aren't the only creatures that end up on her camera. Every once in a while, she will catch sight of other animals such as raccoons, and on a rare occasion, a mountain lion!

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Images Provided By Betty Reynolds


  1. I remember these pictures. Love the rear end selfies.

  2. Those pictures are HILARIOUS!!!


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