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Day Two: Cat Herders Day

Day two in the 2020 WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS special, National Holidays Week. Today is National Cat Herders Day! Despite the fact, the closest most people in Montana see of cat herders are animal shelter employees, I feel I could be one. When I get old and go crazy, you should have no doubt that I will end up with a lot of cats. And by a lot I mean 20. (That's probably too much... hehehe)!

Okay, okay, this holiday doesn't actually celebrate cats, or people that have been destined to turn into crazy cat people. This holiday, is for those who can manage themselves and others through chaos. I'm chaotic, does that count? :)

Fine, this holiday isn't about me, but cat herders (that don't herd cats) and famous cat herders. Mahatma Gondi, a man who inspired civil rights movements across the world and led India to independence, is considered a cat herder. Martin Luther King Jr, is also considered a cat herder. 

Cat Herders... hmmm... giving any hints about Saturdays post? Maybe...? Happy Cat Herders Day! (Even though it's not about cats.) Interested in the WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS special? Subscribe to Montana Teen Life to get a notification when new posts are published!

Embrace your inner cat herder! Whether you herd actual cats (like future me), or are leading people in movements across the world. Have a GREAT day!

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  1. I learned something new today , what a cat herder is.


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