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Deer In Montana


Montana has been attracting not only tourists, but city folks looking for another place to live during COVID. What they don't know, is that Montana will be trying its hardest to push them away. And when I say Montana, I don't mean people. I mean Mother Nature.

If the new comers are strong enough to last the ever so inconsistent winter months, they will meet Mother Nature's best destructive friend. The Deer.

If you've never lived in Montana, you're probably thinking, "Awe, but they're so cute." I however will be telling you, "They are EVIL!" The little beasts may seem cute, but just you wait until they hit your car, and you walk away with thousands of dollars in damage, and they walk away just fine. Like I said, "EVIL!"

I'm not against animals, not strongly, but deers get on my nerves. Yes, I admit they are cute, but they are just about as dumb as any animal comes, and when they see your car, they will run towards it, not away.

So, take my advice. Stay clear of Mother Nature's best EVIL destructive friend, the deer.