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Cats, Cats, and More Cats

I am your typical teenage Cat Lady (or cat girl)! I LOVE CATS!!! I know we all love our pets, and some of you would argue that dogs are better, but are they really? Okay, okay, I have nothing against dogs, but cats are better. I got a cat a few years back, and she has been... hilarious. She is the oddest cat, and yet, she happens to be the cutest at the same time.

My cat (Pippa) happens to own the house (like any cat would, 'cause we all know they act too much like girls). She has numerous places she sleeps to keep an eye on everyone. 

She Sleeps:
1. In My Bed
2. On the couch
3. In the Cat Bed in the Living Room
4. In the Cat Bed by the Window
5. In the Chair
6. On the Chair in the kitchen
7. On the Beanbag
8. Under the bed
9. By the Fireplace

She sleeps 9 places around the house! I guess that's a typical cat. Sleep, sleep, eat a little, sleep some more, poop, eat, sleep, oh wait and SLEEP! Did I mention she sleeps. However, she is the cutest cat when she's sleeping. Evidence one: Picture above. Have I said enough? She is sooooo cute!

Okay, okay, I could go on and on and on about my cat, and she is weird... but some cats are weirder. I knew of a cat that would get stuck behind the washing machine, and proceed to go back and get stuck again even after being pulled out.

Let me know in the comments any weird things your pets have done, and subscribe for email notifications when a new post is published. Have a Great Week!



  1. Pippa sure is cute. Jack is watching the birds at the feeder and Lucy is loving on grandpa. Right before they take a nap.


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