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Book of the Month: July

July. Oh, July. By far one of the hottest month of the year. Being in the middle of Summer, it can either be days full of nothing or a season that just flies by (the more likely option). In my opinion, the best way to spend a lazy summer day (or just any day you get free) is to read a book... or a comic :)

Okay, I'm probably just about to break the rules for Book of the Month by not really choosing a book... oops... but at the same time, comics are so awesome! Yes, comics... as in plural...

Published: It's an app so.... released Summer of 2004
About: Before y'all start getting crabby about me not picking a single book but multiple comics, let me just say I was saving you. I started writing about another romance book... again... I think I've written about maybe 3 or 4 romance novels by now, so yes, I think I'm saving you :)
If you didn't already know, WEBTOON is a comic book platform online or on an app on your phone. Let me just say that I am in love with WEBTOONs. If you're not a comic book fan, don't worry, I have a book idea all lined up for next month, but I felt like it was time to acknowledge comic book fans.

Best comics to start with? Well, when my best friend first introduced me to WEBTOON I feel like she recommended some awesome reads. It probably has to do with the fact we have almost identical tastes... funny how that works :)

1. Unlovable Replacement by Nylana (Oops... that's a romance... I couldn't help myself!)
2. I Love Yoo by Quimchee (Gosh! What's with me and romance stories?!)

Well, those were some her suggestions. From my days searching for new comics I'd say the best to start with are:

1. Purple Hyacinth by Ephemerys / Sophism (Mystery with absolutely breathtaking art)
2. City of Blank by 66 (Sci-fi with a mystery woven into the storyline)
3. Backchannel (Marvel superhero. What else is there to say?)

For me, the joy of comics isn't just in the storyline, it's in the art as well. WEBTOONs are full of amazing stories to pick from with fabulous artists! You can even choose what genre you want to read!!

(Can you tell I'm a little bit addicted to WEBTOON?)

If you're not for the whole "reading on your phone thing", there are so many other comics to choose from. I fell in love with comics when I used to read B.C. or Calvin and Hobbes with my Dad. On the other hand, my first fancy paper comic was about the DC superhero, Nightwing. These comic book selections of mine are probably why I couldn't resist putting a picture of paper comics up above :)

Where to read it? That's by far the best part and the joy of comics easily accessible on your phone. You can read them almost anywhere... as long as you have service :) So pick a car ride on a family vacation and get reading!

Happy reads everyone! 

Have any good book suggestions for the months to come? Let me know in the comments!

Have a wonderful month!

Photo Above by Dev on Unsplash