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Book of the Month: June

What makes a book? Is it the words on the page? The smell of a freshly printed book or the feel of paper in your hands? Or is it something more? I like to believe it's the characters that make the story, and the story that makes the book. It's that great story that we're all looking for after all.

It's often that every story is portrayed the same, but this month's book is completely turned upside down... which makes it such a fun read! This book, is written out like a string of texts, making it all the more unique.

THIS MONTH'S BOOK: Technically You Started It by Lana Wood Johnson
Genre: Fiction, Romance
Published: June 2019
About: This book couldn't be more interesting when it turns out the entire book is just one texting conversation. Of course, what kind of romance would it be if they didn't fall in love?... or think someone was someone else... I got hooked immediately!

I have been eagerly waiting to say since January, but y'all, "It's 21 days till Summer!" So what does this mean? Well, it means we're likely to get another few inches of snow, some nice warm days, and everything in between. That's Montana for you. 

While it's likely to mess with this month's reading schedule just a little bit, I'm sure we can make it work. It just requires setting up an extra space in case you need to move in the middle of a chapter.

I'm thinking since it's almost Summer (and I'm extremely over-eager to get outside in the sunshine), the best place to set up and read this book is outside. Maybe on the front porch swing/chair, where you can set out your cup of tea (or coffee) next to you to set the scene. After all, what is a morning in the sun on the porch without a little caffeine (at least that's what I hear from my coffee-loving friends and family). 

If you're the type that loves to lay on the grass to read, the time couldn't be better. Not too hot and hopefully not too cold. A picnic basket with a whole bunch of goodies, a blanket, and maybe a few reading buddies would make it even better.

If the wind does pick up, it begins to rain, or slowly starts sprinkling snow on you, a good window seat inside is a great place to relax and finish reading right where you left off.

After all, I couldn't think of anything worse than a wet book :)

Happy reads everyone! 

Have any good book suggestions for the months to come? Let me know in the comments!


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