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Studied Hard and Downright Satisfied

There's a sort of joy to studying. Call me crazy, but there is an utter satisfaction that comes from feeling confident in a test. Yes, I was one of those seemingly smart/unrealistic teens (even with how impossible that sounds) that took an AP class this year.

When I say smart/unrealistic, I'm referring to my huge ego, extreme confidence, and overly competitive spirit. Now, to some, it might seem like a smart idea to take an AP class (an Advanced Placement class at par with college courses). It looks good on college resumes and in my opinion, sounds super professional. What's not to love?

The unrealistic part, is not necessarily my choice of taking the class this year, but to take another one next year following this year's trials... I have still yet to agree with my parents on this part. Other than the fact I have no idea how the teachers will teach and if I'll be lucky enough to pass the huge AP test at the end. Yes, "lucky". While I would not have said "luck" was all one needed to pass a test a year ago, I am saying that now after having taken the AP test.

My lips are sealed though! Those AP tests have a clear sphere of silence and I wouldn't want to give anything away. Besides, I think the complete unknown of what was going to be on that AP History test was probably the best experience. Maybe not for current me, but I'm sure future me will look back and laugh with how much I was stressing and studying for this life-altering test. It really felt life-altering! 

But it wasn't actually that bad. Which, brings me back to the topic at hand...studying. While I was not a crazy fan of taking about an hour or more of studying a night or two throughout the week to prepare, my mom let me know I was greatly over-exaggerating the time span. Sure, my studying was about an hour or two maybe every other night (at most) and only a few weeks before the test, but from what I understand from my mom's experience of staying up till 11pm every night doing homework when she was in school was that was more of the norm. I'm sure there are plenty of teenagers out there thinking, "What's so wrong with 11pm? That's not so late." But for me, it is almost completely impossible!

Aside from a few sleepovers with friends throughout the years where we stayed up till well past midnight, my week days are full of parent/self-imposed 9pm bedtimes, and weekend bedtimes are only about an hour later (AT MOST) or I would be so tired. And yes, I am one of those people that gets cranky when tired and really irritable. Take just the other day, after my 4 hour long AP test and another 3 hours of school, when I went home.

As you can imagine, I was completely and utterly drained of all energy. So, tired, cranky me drove home slower than normal. This is an especially big deal because I don't normally go over the speed limit. So you can imagine there was a line of cars developing behind me. They all either went around me, or their separate ways when I reached a roundabout. Which, made me extremely happy, since I was still going slow.

Just to clarify, slow only meant about 2 mph below the speed limit, but when more people drive around 50mph on a 40mph road, they can get irritated and search for an opportunity to pass. Only the guy in the truck behind me didn't. He was on my rear and I was tired. Recipe for very cranky me which really badly wanted this fellow (who was on his phone, by the way) to pass me. Only, he didn't. So, in the hopes he would, I let off the gas a little bit to the point where I was about 5 mph below the speed limit. Just about anyone would want to pass someone going that slow, right? Only, he didn't.

Fast forward here, he followed me all the way into the neighborhood and didn't seem at all fazed by my slow driving the whole way there. If you couldn't tell by my writing, I was very irritated, but I was also completely wiped out from having taken a huge AP test just a few hours before.

As you can probably tell, I've strayed from the topic more than once, but looking up at the words above, I couldn't be happier. I mean, a week full of studying (still not that bad), a happy me with where I am hoping my test scores will come in at, and a well-rested individual that is happy to have studied hard. Thank the Lord! He got me through that test.

All in all, if you're still reading, I must have done something right to keep you hooked. It's awesome to realize this might have been my longest blog post yet, and it's more like what I had in mind when I started writing Montana Teen Life. I can't wait to see what other life-stories I'll have to share!

Have a GREAT week everyone!
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