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A Glimpse of Nature

As Summer is just a day away, it's hard not to pick up photography as a hobby... or at least it's hard for me. Photos of nature bring so much joy and light out into the world!

Since I have been on a photo-taking-spree lately, I thought it was best to take a step away from looking at words, towards imagining and experiencing nature. I've taken so many photos in the span of the last couple of weeks... probably enough to consider it a hobby... although, probably not even close to enough :)

I'm nowhere near a professional photographer, but that to me doesn't mean I can't enjoy a little bit of nature through the lens of my camera. 

As of lately, I've been utterly captivated by Poppies. If you couldn't tell...

It just so happens that Grandma's house happens to be the source of most of my pictures from the Summer so far. Of course, it makes more sense when I think about it. I'm a nature photography fanatic and Grandma lives in the middle of the woods :)

Yes, that is an outhouse in the middle of the woods, isn't it great!? 

Of course, my Summer has not only been full of photography, but it's been so full of nature. I like to get on my bike early in the morning, between pollen allergy symptoms (another big part of nature), and just take a glimpse at all the beauty of the Lord's creation. Of course, my bike rides are also great way to get to the little community book boxes around the neighborhood too :)

When I said earlier that photos are good for experiencing, I think the photos themselves have proven that. What about when I said they are good for imagining? Well, it may just be me, but when I look at these photos I can't help but imagine a story. The outhouse for example has me imagining a small little black bear exploring the woods himself.

I'd love to hear in the comments what you yourself imagine from photos of nature!

Summer is almost here! Only a day away! Don't wait for pictures to come across your screen, Summer will fly by. Take the time to see this glorious creation for yourself.

Have a GREAT week!
Images Above Taken by Grace, Author of Montana Teen Life


  1. Love your articles Grace!! Beautiful!


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