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Camping Under the Stars

I have a confession to make. Until this past weekend, I had never before camped in a tent. It's crazy to think that I'd never gone before (living in Montana and all), but I will for sure be going again. Camping is beyond amazing!

As I've said many times before, I am a huge nature fanatic. Which, I believe, is why I ultimately fell in love with camping this past weekend. I got invited by my youth group and took one of my good friends along with me. We had a blast and my youth group couldn't have picked a better weekend to go camping... well, it did get a little chilly, but it was still a great weekend :)

We really were in the middle of no-where. At first I was thinking I'd drive my friend and I up to the camping site in my car... I am so happy I didn't. The only thing I would even attempt to drive up that dirt road would be my side-by-side or the quads. Now that would be a super fun ride! It was great someone offered to drive us up there in their car because my sedan wouldn't have survived... someone else took their sedan and it hit bottom!

Since this was my first time tent camping, I probably packed more than I needed to. Granted, I did come more prepared than a lot of the people that went on the trip. I think just about everyone used the mallet I had packed to hammer down their stakes :) I even came prepared with about four different bug bite creams, allergy pills, and tissues. It was a good thing too that I came prepared for allergies because I could barely breath. My nose was so stuffed! The good thing was (because we were out in the middle of no-where with no water) there were no mosquitos... yay!

After everyone had unpacked and set up tents, we played some card games. Probably not on the agenda for many tent campers, but it was still so much fun! Apparently there's something called Spicy Uno? It was a crazy version of normal Uno (which is just a crazier version of Crazy Eight's). We also snacked a lot... Cheez-It's really are awesome :)

Dinner, is the funny story. We ended up cooking our own hotdogs over the fire a few of the fellas had started earlier. It was good for some, for others, their hotdog was burnt on the outside and cold on the inside... bleh! Luckily, I managed to keep mine over the fire long enough the inside got warm, but the outside was charred.

The hotdogs themselves were funny. They were practically a foot long! Which meant that I ended up roasted the one hotdog and then splitting it in half to fit on two buns. It was hilarious... but also quite yummy.

Of course, camping isn't camping without some s'mores. So later we got out the marshmallows, gram crackers, and chocolate. The fire was roaring like crazy, so many people burnt their marshmallows! I guess it's a good thing I don't leave mine over the fire for long. They were yummy! There was even a kid who came that was debating preparing a 5th s'more!

When it got dark out, everyone began to crowd around the fire. My clothes smell like smoke because of it, but that's all part of camping. We even began to debate where the Big Dipper constellation was :) It was so beautiful outside after the sun had gone down.

Now, I can officially say that I went camping (in a tent)! Sleeping in a tent was so cool (literally and figuratively)! It was a great weekend surrounded by good people, friends, great food, and God's creation! I can't wait to go camping again.

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