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To Neverland We Go!

Who knew the month of May was the home of so many holidays? Happy Peter Pan Day Everyone! 

Well, actually, it was yesterday on May 9th... oops... We can still celebrate it though!

You know what I've learned lately that has completely changed my view of Disney movies? Most of them are based on works of literature!! Did you know that? 

True story.  In fact, Mulan (the animated one, which is so much better than the live action and one of my favorite Disney movies) was based off of the old poem about a woman warrior in Japan. Tangled too. Yup, another one of the best Disney movies ever was based on a book!

Where am I going with this? Well, Peter Pan was also based off of a book! That blew my mind!!! Sure, Peter Pan isn't Disney's best animated movie (in my opinion), but it is so full of wonder that makes it so fun and fascinating. Didn't you play pretend with your friends and family growing up? I know I did. There were plenty of days where my friends and I either pretended to be princesses, pop stars, or movie directors. True story. I like to think that Peter Pan is an active child's imagination come to life. I mean, it's a story about pirates, the boy Peter Pan who could fly and never grow up, and crocodiles that ate ticking clocks!

Still, considering how old the original Disney animation of Peter Pan is, I cannot imagine how old a book about Peter Pan would be! Did I make anyone feel old right there? Totally unintentional :)

Well, in the spirit of National Peter Pan Day, maybe I should look up the book and see just how old it is. Who knows, maybe it'd be good? Well, maybe in the future, I've got too many books on my To-Read-List already.

Happy Peter Pan Day everyone! Enjoy a day of imagination! Let it run wild! I know mine has been since I was little :) Imagination is wonderful!


P.S. Has anyone ever heard of Peter Pan Peanut Butter? My dad says it was all the rage when he was growing up... granted, that was a few years ago :)
I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

Photo by Gage Smith on Unsplash