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Ooooo! Spooky! It's Friday the 13th y'all! Wanna know some really weird things people are scared of?

While the most common phobias I can think of are the fear of walking under a ladder, the fear of breaking a mirror, the fear of heights or spiders, and the fear of black cats (which makes no sense since all cats most cats are adorable). I realized that I really didn't know many of the fears that are out there. So, in light of a Friday the 13th (that I actually remembered to post about), I went ahead and looked up a whole bunch of phobias to find the weirdest ones!

1. Nomophobia - the fear of being without your phone :)
No, I am not specifically implying anything by putting this here... nope. Not. At. All. Anyone feel this just explained their life? Just curious! :)

2. Arithmophobia - the utter fear of numbers (and math)
To anyone out there afraid of numbers, I apologize for making a list, but I couldn't resist using 13 today... This would be a crazy fear to have! I wonder if I know anyone who considers themselves afraid of numbers? Anyone fear that "unlucky" number 13??

3. Xanthophobia - the fear of the color yellow
In the words of my brother (that I for one totally agree with), this is weird. Wouldn't this mean you'd be afraid of the sun... and bananas??

4. Globophobia - the fear of balloons
What?! I mean sure, when balloons make that squeaky sound when rubbed on something, it can make someone cringe, but aren't balloons supposed to be a happy thing!?

5. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia - the fear of ridiculously long words!
Okay, even I have to admit, long words are so odd! I mean, what's the use of making a long word if no-one can pronounce them! I can't even begin to imagine how Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is pronouced... it sure is a mouthfull!

6. Omphalophobia - the fear of belly buttons
No! How could one fear belly buttons when Veggie Tales made the best song ever about belly buttons! If you haven't heard it... LOOK IT UP!!

7. Pogonophobia - the fear of facial hair (especially beards)
Okay, now this is weird for sure! I mean, I grew up thinking beards were AWESOME! Even Santa had a beard... Well, I guess we all fear weird things...

8. Decidophobia - the fear of having to make a decision
Who would get anything done if everyone feared this!?! 

9. Syngenesophobia - the fear of relatives
I for one, love my relatives (LOVE YA'LL) and can only even begin to imagine how crazy someone's relatives would have to be for them to fear them...

10. Geniophobia - the fear of chins!
Wow... If I feared chins, I probably wouldn't be able to talk to anyone face to face. It would be so awkward! What I'm wondering is why someone would fear chins to begin with... Who knows!?

11. Alektorophobia - the fear of chickens
Yes, I understand (a little bit) how chickens and hens could be terrifying! I have so many movies popping into my head right now about evil chickens. The only problem is, they look so cute when they're animated!

12. Panophobia - the fear of EVERYTHING!
Oh no... this would be terrible!

13. Phobophobia - the ultimate fear of phobias!
Hmm, that one's odd. Now, just curious... would this mean they're afraid of being afraid?? That just got really complicated :)

Well, one thing I learned today: Everyone fears something! I for one, fear suffocation. I know, that just got weird... I'll let you know it's not really that serious though! I'd love to hear in the comments what you fear!

Have a very awesome Friday the 13th! And, if you fear it, make sure not to break any mirrors or walk under a ladder... but don't hate on black cats!!!

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  1. Cyberphobia is an extreme fear of computers or the Internet.
    Bibliophobia fear of books (stories, or blogs).
    Snickophobia is the fear of wearing underwear.

    1. Wow! Who would've known there were so many fears? Bibliophobia is sad... I sure hope no-one fears my blog 😄 but Snickophobia sure is funny! I would never have guessed it meant the fear of wearing underwear though...

  2. Paraskevidekatriaphobia or Friggatriskaidekaphobia - the fear of Friday the 13th.

    1. Another one of those unpronouncable words... good thing I don't fear long words :)



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