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A Scoop of YUM! (And Kitty Explorations)

Every once in a while, a good bite of ice cream is just what I need! Anyone else feel that way?!? Now that most of the snow is gone (and I'm certainly jinxing us all), it is time for some real spring/summer delights... and that means ICE CREAM (YUM)!

Okay, it's not National Ice Cream Day (which is in July)... okay, not even close, but I feel like ice cream is one of those topics that is very much welcome ahead of schedule. Don't you think?! The first (and the MOST important) question in a time like this is: What's your favorite flavor??!!

If I'm being honest, I don't have a favorite ice cream flavor...  I know, crazy!!!! However, I love a lot of different flavors of ice cream (cookies and cream, butter pecan, etc)! On special occasions, my family and I will go to the small/cute ice cream place downtown. My mom, LOVE LOVE LOVES pistachio ice cream! My dad and brother are a little more flexible, but my brother often has his dairy free CHOCOLATE ice cream. Hello chocolate ice cream people!! Funny enough, my two least favorite ice cream flavors are coffee and chocolate... hehehe...

Well, perhaps ice cream and the topic of ice cream is best left for the summer. Oh, there's little better than ice cream on a warm summer day. Ice cream in spring is okay... but not as awesome as it will be when summer finally rolls around...

I cannot wait for summer!!!

On the topic of summer, my kitty sure seems to think it is! She's been outside EACH AND EVERY DAY!!! I'm not complaining, it's fun to watch her poke around (she seems to love exploring)... it's just weird to see her brave the chilly weather so willingly... Her loving the outside is probably in part to the fact she saw a mouse the other day... yeah, she's not much of a hunter...

Her's a picture of her after she almost caught the mouse:

Only, she didn't. That's just a ball of grass...

It was hilarious to see her pounce and then instantly run up to the door to come inside... with the grass in her mouth!!! She thought she caught it! She wouldn't let it go!

Silly kitty...

Well, Hope You Enjoy Spring!
Let me know in the comments what your favorite flavor of ice cream is!

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