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Part Four: The Best Christmas FOOD

What are the holidays without AWESOME food to go along with it? Am I right? Well, below are what I deem to be the best of the best foods for the holidays! And, since it isn't Thanksgiving, don't feel like you need to stuff yourself...

Here are the BEST Christmas FOODS!

1. Christmas Cookies
YUMMY YUM YUM YUM!!!! Is there anything else to say? What's Christmas without AWESOME Christmas cookies?!?... that are decorated super fancy and in super cool shapes!

2. Super YUMMY Ham
Yes, Ham is my family's go-to Christmas dinner dish and it seems to always be cooked perfectly (thanks Dad!) and always served with the most delicious sides (Thanks Mom!).

Let me know in the comments what your Christmas dinner looks like!

Okay, this isn't solely a Christmas dish, but I honestly can't imaging Christmas dinner without MASHED POTATOES!!! (And I know my brother agrees!)

Is this a food? Well, what does it matter? Hot Chocolate is AWESOME!! Ooooooo... and don't forget the little marshmallows, the wiped cream, and the colorful sprinkles!!

5. Stocking Goodies
Sure, these treats will have to wait a few more days before you can dig in and enjoy! 

There are soooo many GREAT things to eat during the holidays! Let me know in the comments what you deem to be the best Christmas FOOD EVER!!

EIGHT DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!! Part Four of the 2021 Week Before Christmas Special: CHECK!! Only two more to go! DON'T MISS TOMORROW'S POST!!

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