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Hello Everyone!

I know its only been a week or two since I've posted anything, BUT IT FEELS LIKE FOREVER! School started and now three weeks in, things are starting to pile up quickly! Who knew Sophomore year meant more homework than Freshman year.... but despite the homework, school has been soooo much fun! And yes, just saying that I am allowing all the high-schooler's out there to call me weird... BECAUSE I AM! But that doesn't mean I take anything back! I will gladly own that I'm either insane, weird, or BOTH!

This, is a little "snapshot" of everything that's happened these past few weeks!

I'm taking the AP World History and English Class (a 100 minute class) that gives out 10 pages of textbook reading A NIGHT! Don't get me wrong, there are sooooo many interesting things to read about when history is involved and I'm beginning to think my teachers aren't that insane for every time I get 10 pages of textbook reading homework!

I'm also taking the Yearbook Elective, and let me tell you, THAT CLASS IS SOOOO MUCH FUN! As part of the yearbook elective I can get into sports games FOR FREE! Which means that for every game I go to I can save FOUR DOLLARS! And yes, I'm using a lot of caps, and its because I'm in the mood to!

Also, a few weeks ago, my Biology teacher introduced our Leaf Collection Project! We have 4 weeks to collect 20 leaves, but here's the funny part. I'm already done with all my leafs when my Biology teacher practically says we can go to the local tree nursery to get leaves.... my brain almost exploded on the spot! First of all, isn't that cheating? Second of all, you couldn't of said that sooner when I still had leaves to collect? Okay, I'm not complaining. Now that I think about it, that would take all the fun out of it. 

For each leaf I collected I stuck between two thick boards of wood and squished them! (I also did a flower or two here and there, because I really wanted to see how it turned out!) Most of my leaves turned out so pretty and after they were laminated it looked sooooo much better. Except for, well, the pine needle branches.... the laminator didn't really like them... but they still look nice! 

Oooooo! And just the other day, I went to look at shoes! Sure, I went to the shoe store to get new tennis shoes, but that doesn't mean that's all I looked at. My mom found a pair of bright orange converse high tops on the shelf and I couldn't help but try them on. I'm not a shoe girl at all, but I couldn't resist trying on the bright orange shoes! At the end of the day, I didn't get them, and when we went back the next day to look again, THEY WERE ALREADY GONE! I guess they really are popular.

Now that you've heard me blab about all that's happened I'm looking forward to hearing about your past few weeks! 

Let me know in the comments what you've been up to! 

(And, if you're reading this in your email, click on the link on the title and scroll down to the comments so I can hear about your day too!)



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