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Homecoming Football & Little Fluffy-Butt-Bugs

WE LOST THE HOMECOMING GAME!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! AHHHHH!!!! Okay, I'm not a sporty person at all, and I don't often watch sports, but I couldn't miss the chance to watch my first ever high school homecoming game... AND WE LOST!!!

Despite the fact we lost, if you look at the score board with three minutes left, it would look like we were almost winning. At three minutes, our high school football team had 22 and we lost to 27. IF ONLY WE HAD ONE MORE TOUCHDOWN!!! I mean, to be honest, I'm grateful for the comeback. When we left for halftime, I believe it was 7 to 21.... BUT HEY, THE GAME WAS SOOOOO MUCH FUN!

And, as a plus, there were food trucks parked right outside the stadium. Never trust three teens with a $20 bill. My friend used hers to buy us 2 donuts, 1 cupcake, and some candy. Honestly, we couldn't finish it all and we were on a sugar high for most of the night. Luckily for us, we didn't crash until the game was well past over.

Okay, I know I'm about to go a little off topic here, but have you ever heard of Little Fluffy-Butt-Bugs? Yes, that's not what they're really called, but that's what I'm calling them because I cannot remember what they're called! Anyway, they are little tiny blue bugs about the size of gnats that have fluff on their butts! They look soooooo cool! In fact, they're called Wish Bugs down South because they land on your hand so often that you can make a wish every time! They are sooooo cool and there were sooooooo many out just the other night in the backyard. I even took a picture!

Sure it's a little blurry (and not the best pictures ever), but they still look soooooooooo coool and I just had to take a picture to show y'all!


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