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September Movies

The nights are getting longer and autumn is moving in! It's time to use those weekend nights carefully and choose the best movies for the month! September is the time of dark autumn nights..... and that screams "ALIENS" to me!!

1. MIB (Men In Black)
Alien movie number one.... MEN IN BLACK! A Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones 1997 classic! If you haven't seen this, but you've seen Men in Black: International.... STOP! THIS MOVIE IS SOOOOO MUCH BETTER THAN THE NEW ONE!!!!! This is a MUST watch and a perfect Alien movie for the dark autumn September nights.

2. Transformers
Wanna see a movie where the aliens are super fancy cars! THIS IS A GREAT MOVIE! The cars are GREAT! The story is GREAT! And the humor is HILARIOUS! Get ready to meet Bumblebee and all the others when you watch this great Alien movie!

3. Star Trek OR Star Wars
Ahhhh.... the long time rivalry between Star Trek and Star Wars! There are Aliens in both so either works to watch on a fall September night!

4. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets
A beautifully designed movie based on the comic books: Valerian and Laureline. This movie is hilarious and full of so many Alien creatures! It fits the category for the month perfectly!

5. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
Okay, I admit... the last time I watched this movie was maybe four or five years ago and I can't remember loving it, but it gave insight into the special number 42! [SPOILER ALERT] In this movie, mice (yes, mice) are the most intelligent species in the world...

We all know that just about every Avengers/Marvel movie would fit on this list, but I didn't have enough room to write them all! And if your looking for something truly classic, E.T., would fit the list requirements as well!

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Enjoy your week!!

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