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October Movies

The spooky season has begun! However, you can't have October without watching a few scary movies. NO! DON'T LEAVE! I didn't mean scary-scary movies... but scary-ish! YOU GET WHAT I MEAN?! I didn't put any scary-scary movies on this list, and only a few could classify as scary... So you're good! AND..... THEY ARE GREAT MOVIES FOR THIS MONTH!


1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997 TV Series)
Okay, this is not a movie. In fact, it's 7 seasons of about 20-ish episodes each.... AND I LOVED IT! Well, I loved the first 3 seasons, but that's all I've watched. This one might make you jump a few times, those vampires can't just walk up and say "hi" after all.

2. Goosebumps (2015)
In my defense, I haven't watched this movies in 6 years, so I don't remember if it was a good movie or not, but it is totally a Halloween/October movie! Prepare for a few creepy fellas who'll pop outta nowhere!

3. Hotel Transilvania (2012)
Yes, I'm talking about the animation movie for little kids... but this MOVIE was AWESOME and HILARIOUS! What kind of October movie marathon are we talking about if you can't watch a fun Halloween movie about Dracula?!?!

4. The Addam's Family (1964 TV Series)
Again, not a movie, but way better than the animation in my opinion, and full of sooooo many old-time jokes. Sure, I've only ever watched a few, and at my Grandma's house, and they were in black in white, BUT THEY WERE FUNNY!

5. The Mummy (1999)
No. Not the one with Tom Cruise. This movie was made before The Mummy with Tom Cruise. Similar-ish storyline, but this is the ORIGINAL!


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