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August Movies

Summer flew by this year and now that school is approaching, it's time to finally do everything you said you would do on your summer to-do list! In between the nature hikes or the swimming adventures with friends, here are some GREAT Back To School Movies to watch!

1. She's All That
Get ready for a hilarious high school movie perfect for this August's Back To School Movies List! When one of the most popular guys in school get's dumped, his friends propose a bet! He has 6 weeks to get Laney (the nerdy girl) to be the next prom queen.

2. Back To The Future
Wouldn't you love to go into the past? In a gorgeous DeLorean no less! Well, it doesn't go so well for high schooler Marty McFly when he may have just messed up the future... DUN DUN DUN!!!

3. Footloose
If your looking for a movie that will get you dancing on the living room floor, this is the ONE! GET READY TO DANCE UNTIL THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL with the classic movie, FOOTLOOSE!

4. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
When I asked my Dad what movie I should put on my Back to School Movies list and then proceeded to say I was looking for a high school movie, he didn't hesitate to say, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off!" Now, this movie is old (1986 to be exact).... and yes, I haven't seen it... and yes, it's most likely BEYOND CORNY... but it fits the criteria, and personally speaking, it sounds like a good, FUN movie to watch!

5. The Peanuts Movie
A cute re-creation of Shultz comics and the Charlie Brown adventures from childhood Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween movies and more! This movie is one of the BEST movies on this list and is perfect for a Back To School Movie!

If you find yourself with more than enough time to watch all the Back To School Movies above, there are plenty more movies where that came from that have a lot to do with school! You can watch, The School of Rock, Harry Potter, Napoleon Dynamite, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (100% Corny), any Spider-man movie ever created, and THE BREAKFAST CLUB!



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