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What It's Like Living With a Cat

If you haven't already been acquainted with my cat, MEET PIPPA! She's about the tiniest 4-year-old kitty I've ever seen and about the cutest too! In fact, her full name is Pippa Longstocking! Isn't that cute?! Now that summer is officially here, she has been outside almost every day. For me, living with a cat like her means lots of pictures, and for this indoor cat, pictures of her outside are the ones where you can find her smelling EVERYTHING! Yes: Everything!

My mom took the picture above (and the one below) about a year ago when Pippa climbed her very first tree! Now that may sound weird to be overly excited about, but for a cat who isn't very adventurous (besides smelling everything), climbing a tree was a HUGE milestone! And... speaking of smelling, here she is smelling the very same tree she climbed!

(Even though she had some trouble getting down from the tree, I think she had fun!)

Besides climbing trees (and smelling them), she makes it her business to walk the fence and smell some more! There was only ever one time that she went into the neighbors yard with their dogs... it was a good thing my parents were outside! They had to jump the fence to get her!

When she's not outside exploring the yard or at the door yowling (obnoxious meowing) so we'll let her out, she's cuddling.... and trust me, SHE LOVES TO CUDDLE! When I'm playing piano, she tries to cuddle by jumping on the bench and rubbing against me. Whenever I sit down to read a good book, she will be on my lap within seconds and begin walking all over my book until I make room for her to lay on me! And when she really wants attention, she'll jump on the kitchen counter (where she's not allowed) and wait until you pick her up and hold her. 

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to cuddle with Pippa, but sometimes her cuddling just gets in the way! Not that long ago, I was sitting on the couch writing stories and here comes the cat. FIRST, she barges in my room and announces her presence with a big MEEEOWWW! She comes over to the couch and wants some attention (which usually includes lots of petting and cuddling). After she jumps on the couch, she comes over to my lap where my computer is resting. You wanna know what's really difficult when writing? Having to reach over the cat to get to the keyboard... but of course, that's what I ended up doing. She wouldn't even lay NEXT TO ME she had to lay ON MY LAP! If I didn't oblige, she came over and started to walk all over my keyboard! So I made room and she happily came and snuggled!

I think cats have a sixth sense. Or at least Pippa has a sixth sense that is directly tied to her need to cuddle! She knows just when we (meaning my family) are about to leave on a trip. Maybe it's our suitcases that give us away, or it's her sixth sense... either way, she makes sure to protest by slowing down packing progress. Besides laying on all the clothes we pick out, she likes to protest another way: By Laying In Our Suitcases!

Like I said before, for me (a teenager who loves to take pictures), I have sooooo many funny memories to look back on as I snuggle with my cat. While not everything about a cat is annoying, sometimes (most of the time), cuddling makes you forget all the annoying parts. Sure, having a cat involves scooping cat litter, which my brother has mentioned, and I quote, "SUCKS!" And yet, there are still so many good things that come with having your very own cuddle buddy (whether or not her name is as cute as Pippa Longstocking)!


Images Taken By The Montana Teen Life Family

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  1. Well, you finally said it, annoying. You kept going on and on about having to cuddle and pet the cat, but it just sounds like the cat wants to rule everything. Cats do not have a sixth sense, they just know how to make you give them attention whenever they want, regardless of what you want. As you said, you had to just type over the cat. Seriously?

    Not a cat person.


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