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I am officially a driver in training! Learners Permit? CHECK! Seatbelts? CHECK! Car? CHECK! Willing Parent Teacher? Ummm... CHECK! LET'S HIT THE ROAD!!!!

Ever since I was young and I drove my first vehicle, I caught the "Driving Bug". The bug where the main reason I wanted to grow up was so that I could drive a car! Even more so, when my parents introduced me to driving shows. You know? The ones where they usually have the message on the screen that reads "These are experienced drivers. Do not attempt these obstacles at home." And yes, that means it was either a drifting competition or The Grand Tour with the 3 British men and the GORGEOUS SPORTS CARS!

And I've been told that driving a quad and a RZR (side-by-side) does not account for the 50 hours (plus 10 hours at night) that I need to achieve in order to get my real license! Which is why I am EXTREMELY grateful that my Grandpa got me a brand new (well 2017) car! And I got to drive it the other day!!

You know what shocked me the most? I didn't have to touch the gas pedal... and the car still MOVED! FYI, I got FOUR tickets just driving around the neighborhood. No, not real tickets... but every time I went one or two miles above the speed limit, I would tell my dad that I was speeding! And he said, "That's ONE ticket!" And yes, I got four! If you ask me, I blame the speeding on the "Driving Bug".

Before I started driving, my Dad had me change the tires. Not because they were flat... and nothing was wrong with them... my Dad believed it was the best idea to do that before I started driving. I thought I knew how... only, watching my Dad change the tires isn't enough experience to actually change a tire. So I got on the ground and got the jack out of the trunk from where it was sitting next to the extra tire (which, I had absolutely no clue my car had). Then, the tire changing began! 

I started by breaking the lug nuts free and then I lifted the car off the ground. Once the car was off the ground (only slightly lifted), I used the socket wrench to take the lug nuts off. Did you know that those things are called "breaker bars" because you have to BREAK the lug nuts free. Some of the lug nuts I could break free using only my arms, but some of them I had to jump up and down on the breaker bar in order to break the lug nuts loose... and I was in flip flops! If you ask me, flip flops are not the ideal shoes to wear when changing the tires!

My Dad wouldn't take me out for driving practice until I had changed the tire and checked the car's fluids... and after it all (which I enjoyed) I still had the driving bug! It involved a little more convincing, but my Dad finally let me go driving. AND I HAD SOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!

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