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5 Things They Should REALLY Be Teaching In School

Let's be honest with ourselves... math and science comes in handy in life, but there are soooooo many cooler things out there that schools could (and should) be teaching as life skills! 

1. Self Defense
Number one on the list....SELF DEFENSE!!! Think of all those incredibly awkward gym games this could replace! Don't get me wrong... even I wouldn't replace Dodgeball with self defense... but has your gym teacher ever made you play that really weird game that's a mix of a whole bunch of other games... and worse, they have weird rules? Self defense would be a totally normal thing to replace all those games with!

2. How to Know What's Spam and What Isn't
I come from a very tech oriented family, so I tend to be the one to tell all my friends, "OH MY GOSH! Why are you reading that email???" Funny story, just the other day, a friend of mine was reading an email that started with "Hi Alex"... FYI, her name isn't Alex, so I started to explain why it's most likely spam... I'm pretty sure she's still convinced someone out there got her name wrong. That's not the point though... if schools teach this, there will be less cases where we fall for spam email, text, and phone calls! The world would be AWESOME!!! (Partially because I don't want to still be the person who gets the "Huh" face when they talk about anything techie.)

3. Surviving Without Your Phone
Okay, okay, okay.... probably not on the top on anyone's list (and I may be the only teenager out there who thinks this is a good idea... but it is)! This whole course doesn't just have to be about phones, it can be about surviving in the wilderness. Come on! We live in Montana! This is a GREAT idea! I don't even know how to start a campfire without a lighter.... which is exactly why they need to start teaching this in school!

4. Common Sense
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let someone else get me here!!! THIS IS A LIFE SKILL!!!!! Okay... I know I'm not the only one in the universe with some common sense (in fact, I'm not so sure I have much)... which is exactly why we really need this to be taught in schools!

5. Flipping on a Trampoline
Just from my own experience... this is a skill worth having. It might have taken me 3 or so years to actually learn how to flip of a trampoline (and it's not only because I know I'm a klutz and I was afraid to break another bone)... it's because they don't teach this in school! This could replace all those weird gym games (that I'm sure the gym teachers got off of some crazy website online) and then everyone would know how to do a flip on a trampoline.

Oh course, this list could go on and on and on. They should be teaching negotiating skills, how to pay taxes, and how to make friendly conversations too. And sure, they should probably be teaching other stuff too such as, how to clean the bathroom and how to take care of an animal... but we all know our parents teach us plenty about that already. 

Let me Know in the Comments What YOU Think They Should REALLY Be Teaching in School!

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  1. Common sense cannot be taught to some people. Really, it amazes me the simple choices people make without thinking through the consequences. People are more interested in the right now satisfaction or excitement than the long run.


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