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This Year's SUMMER To Do List

I can't wait for summer!! So many plans, so much to do, so little days left in school! I sure hope the weather is nice... wouldn't want it to dump snow on us in the middle of July (even though I'm pretty sure it will, then again, my Mom would tell me I just jinx it because I wrote that... oops...). Every year I make a big bucket list and make sure to do all that I can (FYI, last year, I did about 2 things..). This year, I made an equally long list of all the things I want to do this summer!

Here's My Summer To Do List!

🕃 Visit the Archery Range
As much as I love archery, the only time I've had the chance to shoot archery was at school during gym. I even hit a bullseye, but only once! This summer, I'll take my whole family to the archery range, and we'll start our own friendly family competition.

🕃 Go Bowling
It's been soooo many years since the last time I went bowling (not counting the Bowling Wii game). And, just because I'm good at the Wii game, doesn't mean I'm any good at real bowling. It's time I get practicing on that skill before my brother has a chance to play it and get better than me. :)

🕃 Ride the Mini Motorcycle
My dad has these small versions of motorcycles (pocket bikes) in the back corner of garage. Three bright yellow bikes, coated in dust. Sure, I'd have to check to make sure these bikes still run, but even if they don't, I'll have a fun job to do in the garage with my Dad this summer!

🕃 Go Zip-lining
Personally, this is one of my favorite things on this list! Maybe this will be the year when I can go zip-lining again, and with the WHOLE FAMILY!

🕃 Float the Madison River
Should the weather permit it, when the river is low enough, my family and I will be out on the river in our floats and we'll be fully slathered down in sunscreen so we can stay in the sun for as long as we want!

🕃 Have a Multitude of Sleepovers
Last year, me and my besties had a total of 1 get together... and I was out of town. MARK MY WORDS this will not happen again. We'll be going to the pool together, playing ping-pong (with nothing short of an Australian/British accent), and sound proofing rooms together! We've got plenty of fun ahead of us!

🕃 Become an Author
Yes, this is a very generic title for this activity... and for good reason... Just so you know, this has been on my summer to do list for sooooo many years. Every summer, I become an author.... with the exception of finishing anything I write. My goal this summer is to actually finish a book! I've been working hard and think I can do it this summer!

Don't worry, my list may seen small now, but as summer gets closer, I'll continue to add more! 

Let me Know in the Comments What Is On YOUR Summer To Do List! Have a GREAT day!

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  1. That is a great list. I used to live where they had miniature golf and that would be one of the fun summer list items. Waterslides or water parks too, but that may not be a Montana thing.

    1. Hello! Ooo yes! Miniature golf *adding that to list*! Waterslides are definitely a Montana thing! I couldn't imagine summer without going to waterparks! Have a GREAT summer!


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