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May Movies

Nothing is better than sitting down and watching some of the best animations of all time. Especially if the typical Montana weather is snowing on you in May. All you need to get comfortable is a soft blanket (weather permitting), a big bowl full of buttery popcorn, and a few friends to sit down and watch with you! 

Here are the BEST ANIMATED MOVIES OF ALL TIME for YOU to watch this May!

1. How To Train Your Dragon
I have yet to meet a single person who did not fall in love with this show! This is one of my personal favorites since the moment I first watched it. For a while there, I was so obsessed with the show I watched the seasons as well (more than once... of course)! This movie is number one on my list for obvious reasons!

2. Wall-E
One of the most adored movies of all time, which is why it is high up on the list! Wall-E was one of my favorite movies growing up, and is still one of my top picks! Set in the future, robots and spaceships are abundant... but not on Earth. For the planet is abandoned and full of trash.

3. Ratatouille
This is the movie that revealed to children whether or not they would want to be a chef. I know for a few years there, I wanted to be just like the chefs in the kitchen! This is one of those movies I can still go back to watch, and I'll love it just the same as I did when I was a kid.

4. Cars
To be honest, I loved this movie growing up, but there was no way I would ever get my younger self to admit that to my brother (who, by the way, loved this movie just as much as I did). No doubt, this is the movie that got me and my brother playing toy cars more than ever!

5. Kung-Fu Panda
Again, one of my favorite movies, and most certainly one of the best animations of ALL TIME! There were so many great moments in this movie! For one, the stairs. And another, the ever so powerful pinky finger!

6. The Incredibles
Anyone else out there watch this and decide they wanted to be a superhero? Even if you didn't, this show was still a fun and enjoyable watch! Perfect for a movie night with friends!

7. Despicable Me
Be honest with me: How many of you, at one point or another, wanted to be a minion? I most certainly did! Not only is this movie great for the minions, but for the action as well! The cool gadgets and action where what made this one of the best animated movies of ALL TIME!

8. Toy Story
And yes, this list already has more than 5 movies (more than normal), but I couldn't help myself! Who could forget about Toy Story?!?! This being one of my Dad's favorite movies, it just had to be on my list! It's a great movie to take you "To Infinity and Beyond" as Pixar's Buzz Lightyear put it!

9. Shrek
Okay... I'll be honest, the main reason this is on my list is because of Donkey! But can you blame me? I had a hard time myself just getting all of Donkey's hilarious songs out of my head the first time I watched this. He may be one of the most hilarious singers in all of DreamWorks Animations!

10. Monsters Inc.
Taking you into the heart of the monster world, this movie was hilarious! Not only was Mike Wazowski a funny opinionated monster who brought humor to the movie, but it gave a story to the monster in your closet.

This list could go on forever! There are so many great animations out there!

Let me know in the comments what your favorite animation is! 

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