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10 Hilarious April Fools' Pranks

April Fools' Day is just around the corner! In all the years I have been in school, not once have I been pranked, or pranked someone else... but, what pranks are there to do? Have I mentioned I like to research? Well, in my free time, I researched some April Fools' Pranks, and found some amazing ones that I just had to share with all my readers! Here are 10 of the best April Fools' Pranks YOU can pull off this Thursday!

The Toothpaste Oreo
One of the most classic tricks in the bag! This trick may require some acting skills because almost everyone has seen this done before and knows to stay away from Oreos on the first day of April. Make sure to try an Oreo while they're watching so your unsuspecting victim will think it might not be a prank after all!... Just wait until they try it and make that face that screams, "EWW!"

If your family always comes home from school or a long day at work to watch TV, this is the perfect prank to pull off! During the chaos of everyone leaving for school in the morning, take out the TV remote batteries, and leave a little letter that reads, "APRIL FOOLS!" in the batteries box! When everyone comes home after a long day, and someone goes to watch TV, they will find the TV doesn't work!

Make It Go BOOM
If you're looking for a prank that will really make someone jump and scream, this is the prank that will meet your needs! Find a door in your house that you want to use, and tape a blown up balloon next to the crack. When the person you're pranking opens the door, the balloon will squeeze and pop! When you've seen it all, go ahead and say, "APRIL FOOLS!"

This prank is perfect to pull on your younger siblings when you want to have a laugh! Simply get some googly eyes from the craft store and glue them to everything in the fridge (or cupboard) the night before April Fools' Day. First thing in the morning, when your unknowing participant (or participants) finds that all their food is alive and staring at them... just imagine the look on their face! Now is that time to scream, "APRIL FOOLS!" 
Note: If you want to take it even farther, hide a walky-talky in the fridge (or cupboard). When it's time to yell, "APRIL FOOLS!", say it through the walky-talky!

Brown E's!
Get it? Brownies OR Brown E's!!! The night before school, cook up (cut up) some Brown Letter E's and stick them in a container that isn't see-through. Let your friends at lunch know you brought them some Brown E's! As soon as they see what you really mean, go ahead and yell, "APRIL FOOLS!"

AHHH! You're In the TOILET!
Take a picture of yourself, print it, and tape it to the underside of the toilet seat in the bathroom. Make sure you're nearby, so you can hear your unsuspecting victim scream. If you can't wait until they're done, scream through the closed bathroom door, "APRIL FOOLS!"

Meet My Invisible Friend: BOB!
This is a great prank to pull on your teachers! Every time your teacher hands you a paper copy of an assignment, ask the teacher to give you an extra copy for your Invisible Friend Bob. You can even ask a question for your Invisible Friend, by raising your hand in the middle of the lesson and starting your question with, "Bob wants to know why...?", and finish the question however you please! Make sure to wait for that perfect moment when your teacher is completely baffled, then yell, "APRIL FOOLS!"

Sticky Note the Bathroom
Wanna have some fun? Hang sticky notes up in the bathroom (at school or at home) with rumors or funny sayings. The possibilities are ENDLESS! If you're extremely artsy, arrange the sticky notes to spell out a message.. make it funny so you have the opportunity to yell, "APRIL FOOLS!"

Another classic prank! If you are that person in the family that always jumps when jump-scared, this is the perfect prank for payback! Find a monster mask from your house, or a store, put it on, and wait for your unsuspecting victim to come out of their bedroom in the morning (this will mean you will have to get up early... but it will be worth it!). Now comes the time where you jump out and ROAR! Once they've screamed, go ahead, take off the monster mask and yell, "APRIL FOOLS!"

The Milk is SPOILED!
In my family, just about everyone uses milk for breakfast, whether in their cereal or just to drink. If your family uses milk in the morning, take the time the night before to sneak some green food coloring into the milk carton! When you family member pours their milk in the morning and finds it green, then you can yell, "APRIL FOOLS!"
Note: This prank works best if your family uses cardboard milk cartons, so they will have the pour the milk to see that it's green.

Got any more pranks to add to the list? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Happy April Fools Day! My teacher pranked me well today... I ate a frosting covered Brussel sprout disguised as a cake pop! Ewwww!!! And my other teacher gave everyone in our class Brown E's!!! Well... I got pranked good this year... HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!

    1. 😅 How funny! I just got home from school and saw my room had sticky notes all over it 😅 Happy April Fools Day to you as well!


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