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THE FUTURE - 5 Hilarious Predictions

Riddle me this. WHY IS IT THERE AREN'T FLYING CARS ALREADY!?!?!? You all have seen Back to the Future, right? Well...? Back to the Future was released in 1985, and they had flying cars and hoverboards. That was 36 years ago!!!! I know hoverboards can't really exist, because of something to do with gravity and all, and that probably applies to flying cars too.... BUT STILL!!!!

Soooo many people made predictions about the future back in the 1900s. Some were even supposed to happen a few years ago! What ever happened to talking robots? Okay... never mind, I've seen too many movies about robot armies to hope it was because everyone realized those movies had a point... But, what happened to all the cool space explorations that should be happening? Shouldn't we be living on mars already? Or perhaps on Space Explorations like those in Star Trek?

What about virtual reality? That's around, but barely anyone is using it! I know Ready Player One takes place in the 2040s, but shouldn't we see a big improvement now!?! Yes, I keep basing all my predictions on movies... but what's wrong with the movies!?!

Here's What I Predict Will Happen 100 or So Years From Now....

1. Your Best Friend Will Be A Robot (And Attempt to Take over the World...And Then Be Stopped By A Secret Government Agency)
Yes, you will get to name your robot friend, just remember not to get sentimental when they turn evil and attempt to take over the world behind your back. Don't worry though. There will still be people who have seen all the robot movies gone wrong (I, Robot anyone?), and these people will have created a secret government agency, like the one in MIB only for evil robots. When you wake up the next day and your robot friend is attempting to take over the world, just remember I warned you they would. But also remember, MIB agents will come and save the world. And maybe... you'll be one of those MIB agents that just saved the world from evil robots.

2. Cities Will Be Encased in Bubbles (And Float in the Air...)
Can't you just imagine it! How cool would that be? Of course if it's in the future, the bubbles would have to be Eco-friendly, and maybe they are the only places on earth people can live... maybe, the earth is broken into pieces, and on each piece there is a city encased in a bubble. The bubble holds oxygen so people can breath. YEAH! This prediction sounds AWESOME! I WANT TO LIVE IN A BUBBLE CITY!! Well... except for the part about the Earth being split in many pieces... but see, that's how the bubbles float. They are literally floating in space and traveling along the path the Earth takes when it rotates the sun. Ooooo, and the cities are full of flying cars and hoverboards!!!!

3. Your Pets Will Be Able to Talk to You (Through Their Minds...And Humans Too)
This could be the best thing ever, or it could turn into protests for "YOUR PET'S FREEDOM!" But think about it this way: In the future, scientists will create a chip that they can insert into the minds of people and animals. Texting will no longer be necessary! You'll just think of the person (or animal) you want to have a conversation with, and literally speak your mind! Just be carefully what you say. Every piece of technology has its flaws, and the "Mind Reader 1000" won't just send the thoughts you want to send... it will send EVERYTHING you're thinking!

4. A Dinosaur Park Will Exist (Outside of the Jurassic Park Movies...)
I'm not saying I'd be the one crazy enough to stick a whole bunch of extinct dinosaurs on an island... I'm saying I'd be the one crazy enough to go and visit the island. Yes, I have seen the movies, and I know it would end bad (okay... it would end really bad), but they all lived... Just think about being able to actually see a Dinosaur or fly a Pterodactyl! Let's just hope that the Dinosaurs won't be able to make it off their island, 'cause then, well... I don't need to be the one to tell you that the world would become the movies... anyone else picturing Jurassic World? (Note: The Jurassic World you're picturing is what eventually leads towards the Earth in pieces where people live in Bubble Cities!)

5. There Will Be An Alien Invasion (When Humans Are Living on Mars...)
Okay... this is much more of a hope than a true prediction. I'm 100% a geeky/sci-fi nerd, so it makes enough sense that this is on my list. I'm not saying I 100% believe that little green men exist, just that it sounds like a true future prediction when it involves aliens! A hundred or so years from now when Earth is in pieces and cities are encased in bubbles, there won't be enough room in the bubbles for people.... sooooo, surely some people have started colonies on Mars. Then it would be a galactic war between Earth and the people on Mars for Mars' independence. Mars would win, and finally little green (or gray) men would see the people on Mars as formidable enemies. Therefore, there will be an Alien Invasion. I'm not going to predict the outcome of the Alien Invasion turned war, but it will surely include awesome space ships, intergalactic peace treaties, and astronaut warriors!!!

THE FUTURE IS ON IT'S WAY! Who knows? Maybe you'll get to have your own robot (that attempts to take over the world)? Maybe, you'll live in a bubble city or in a colony on Mars during an alien invasion? Or perhaps, you'll be one of the first to visit the Dinosaur Park or hear your pets thoughts for the first time!?!

Got Any Predictions For The Future? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. YES!!! MARS!!!

  2. I predict that dogs will get a collar that will allow them to talk to humans. I don't really want to hear my dogs thoughts... but at the same time I do. :)


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