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April Movies

STRIKE ONE! STRIKE TWO! STRIKE THREE! AND......YOU'RE OUT!!!! Happy April Montana Teen Life Readers! I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter Celebrations! April is a month full of history! Did you know that today in history, 1913, the Dodgers played their first game ever, and they played against the Yankees? And, did you know that 25,000 fans watched the game commence? Happy April! Baseball season starts this month! April has so much history, whether baseball history or Easter history! History is so fascinating, so I put together a list of historical movies for YOU to watch this month of April! If you want, you can go back and forth between the baseball channel and these movies so you don't miss out on any home runs!

1. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
This is one of those 1989 movies that you either love or are absolutely annoyed by. Both Bill and Ted are rock star genius' in the making (and have that hilarious "Surfer Dude" accent)... and both of them are about to fail their history class. Cue Time Machine/Telephone Booth and Guy-From-The-Future who is here to help Bill and Ted pass their history class by taking them into the past to meet famous people! 

2. Gladiator
Dark, gruesome, full of action, and very historical! This is a great watch if you love to watch action movies (that make you cry), has a historical meaning, and are overall very gruesome. This movie takes place during the Roman Empire and follows the life of a Roman General forced to become a Gladiator in the arena. His popularity in the arena soon threatens the throne of the fragile Caesar who sits upon it.

3. Hidden Figures
This magnificently done movie centers around 3 African-American women and the untold story of how they helped the first American man leave Earth's atmosphere. Their story changed so many lives, and inevitably changed the outcome of the Space Race!

4. Hamilton (2020)
I have a musical friend from school that absolutely loves this show, but despite all her nagging to get me to watch it, I have yet to see it. This historical show is based off the Broadway production following the life of Alexander Hamilton. Unlike other movies, this was filmed in a New York Theatre, and is set up like a play.

5. The Aeronauts
Based on the true story of two people who board a hot air balloon with the goal to soar higher than before. Set in 1862 a scientist and a wealthy widow (what you could call a very unlikely duo) launch into the air. They encounter danger, adventure, and romance. AND, they make history!

Enjoy the historical movies and the baseball games this month! Happy April Movies Everyone!

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