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School Status Update

School Status Update: WOW! There's a lot of people!
Since the beginning of the school year in September, high school has been operating under what's called, The Blended Learning Model. A model where half the kids go to school Monday and Tuesday, while the other half go to school Thursday and Friday. For the kids at home, they spend their time doing remote classes, and on Wednesday, everyone is at home for remote work. 

Recently however, the school board has decided to switch to another plan. The 4 + 1 Model. This model has ALL high-schoolers at school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, with Wednesday as a remote day. 

Yesterday, was the first day at school with everyone, and it was crowded! My classes went from 6-16 people to around 28-32! It's like having the first day of school all over again with more than 2x the amount of students! 

To be honest, I liked doing remote work half the week. I got to sleep in, I finished early almost every day, and when studying for tests, I had the opportunity to study the way that helps me best! (And don't get me wrong, I also LOVED using Google when my teachers allowed it... as you should know, I LOVE to RESEARCH!)

However, there are plusses to going back as well. I get to see friends I haven't seen in a while! And, I get to meet new people! (Even though I tend to be a little socially awkward...)

The biggest shock to going back for 4 days a week, was the amount of people! I got so used to my super tiny classes, now, my classes are GIANT!

School Status Update #2: This will take some getting used to!

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