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Update - January 2021

Hello Montana Teen Life Readers! No themed post today, just a simple little update to let you know what's new with Montana Teen Life. This blog has a How To page now, an updated About page, SIX Subscribers, and 800 views! Enjoy, and hopefully you'll look forward to Monday's post: What's On My Bucket List?

1. How To Page
If you haven't seen already, I have published a How To page next to my About page. (This can be found next to the Montana Teen Life icon in the top right corner of your screen, or by clicking on the three lines at the top of your screen.) If you have troubles finding things, or working functions on the Montana Teen Life blog, the How To page is the place to look for answers.

2. Updated About Page
I've started from scratch, and re-written my About page to give you more info about the meaning behind Montana Teen Life, a little insight into my dreams and passions, and a picture that better suits me. This page can be found next to the new How To page. Simply click: About.

3. SIX Subscribers!
Montana Teen Life has SIX SUBSCRIBERS! If you are enjoying Montana Teen Life and have yet to subscribe, now is the time to do so. (Not sure how to subscribe? Refer to the How To page.) THANKS TO ALL MY SUBSCRIBERS! You know who you are. By subscribing, you are encouraging me to continue writing posts each and every week! THANK YOU MONTANA TEEN LIFE SUBSCRIBERS!

4. 800 Views
As of January 6th, 2021, Montana Teen Life had 800 all time views. The number continues to climb! To help Montana Teen Life grow and gain new readers, SHARE the blog with friends. Share by hitting the green Share icons located under each post. And share the link to the blog with your friends. Here is the Link:!

Have a GREAT day! January 11th, I'll be posting: What's On My Bucket List! I hope you look forward to Monday's post! Bye for now!

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  1. I'm thinking about who to invite. You are doing a great job.


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