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Teenagers Only Need 6 Emojis


As the next generation (and as teenagers), 6 simple emojis could sum up an entire day.

1. 😂 
The laughing crying emoji. This is me 24/7 when I text my friends, and sums up part of most high-schoolers days. This is the face of someone soooo incredibly happy and delirious after getting out of school at the end of the week.

2. 😕
The confused emoji. This is just about every high-schooler at one point during their day. We all have those days when we're so tired we can't think straight.

3. 😏
The mischievous smirking emoji. This is one of my favorite, not because I use it often, but because this is one of the best feelings in the world. A feeling that you are a very mischievous (evil-ish) teenager.

4. 😝
The mocking/laughing emoji. This is a great emoji for when you want to tease your friends about their newest crushes. (As long as you don't have crushes they can tease you about).

5. 😫
The OMGOSH I'm in pain/exhausted emoji. This emoji is perfect for after gym class, when you can't feel your legs. (Unless you're one of those teens who enjoy gym class...)

6. 😱
The astonished emoji. I know I'm not the only one who makes this face (instead of texting it). This emoji/face expression, is perfect for when your friends do something unexpected (good or bad).

These 6 simple emojis sum up every teenagers day, whether at school or at home.



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