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5 Video Games in High School


As our society continues to advance, media continues to be a part of a teenager's life. Nowadays, teenagers come home after school and head straight towards the Xbox or other gaming station. So I put together a list of MUST play video games for high schoolers.

1. Fortnite by Epic Games
This game has gone from loved, to hated, to somewhere in between, and although it may not be the best first-person-shooting game, it is a MUST play for high schoolers.
2. Minecraft by Mojang
As high schoolers, most of our creativity has been stamped out of us throughout the course of our education. This game by Mojang, is a great game to get your creativity up and running again with creative imaginative builds, or just surviving the first night with Zombies.

3. Mario Kart by Nintendo
This game has been around since 1992, and is (in my opinion) one of the best driving games out there. This game can be played on Wii, Nintendo devices, the app available on your phone, and is great family entertainment.

4. Roblox by Roblox Cooperation
Okay... this isn't just one game, but multiple. Many game designers use Roblox to create simulators, tycoons, and many more fun games to play. There is just about every type of game here, and is great for high schoolers.

5. Among Us by InnerSloth
I saved the best for last. There is no telling how long Among Us will be loved by mostly all teens, but it sure is near the top right now. This game about space, alien imposters, and astronauts is a MUST play for teens.

Sure, there are many other games out there, but these games land on my MUST play list (even though I may not like them all). Technology is a part of the future, and it is a part of our lives right now.

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  1. I'm so glad I'm not in high school, and that I don't have to play video games. Very stressful for me.


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