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Secret Meaning Behind Text Acronyms


I think it's safe to say that teenagers have created their own digital language. From acronyms like IKR (I know, right) to G2G (got to go), teenagers have created, and continue to create a digital language. TBH (to be honest... see what I did there), I have no idea who created text acronyms, but there are over a thousand, and teenagers are the ones who use them the most. 

Fun fact about me: I love to research, so I researched common text acronyms and found some that I had never heard of.

ROFL - rolling on floor laughing.
    When I read this, I felt like I had been living a totally incomplete life. WHERE HAD THIS ACRONYM BEEN ALL MY LIFE!?! I mean, I don't literally roll on the floor laughing, but this acronym would mimic my thoughts exactly sometimes. 

TL;DR - too long, didn't read
    Okay, okay... I'm surprised I hadn't heard this one before, because my text messages can be long. So long, that my friends have to scroll to read them. Oops 😆...

LMGTFY - let me google that for you
    Again; HOW COME I HAVE YET TO TEXT THIS!?!? Of course, when I think of acronyms I think, oh, its short... lets just say this isn't short, but it sure would save me a lot of time.

ZZZ - sleeping, bored, tired
    By now, COVID has got most people ZZZ, especially since school started. Note to self: YOU NEED TO START USING THIS! Another note to self: LEARN HOW TO USE IT FIRST!

WUZUP  - what's up; how are you
    Okay, I have heard of this acronym before, and it is proof that text acronyms won't just remain in the digital world for much longer. Nowadays, I hear kids at school asking their friends WUZUP, and it sounds normal... proof that the digital world is beginning to take over IRL (in real life).

    I don't use texting acronyms much, I'd only ever heard of the last acronym on my list. People like to say, "You need to get out more." I think it's safe to say, "I really do!" So, I created an acronym of my own that I will for sure use...

CTPC - can't talk, petting cat
(Can you tell what my priorities are?)

HAVE A GREAT DAY! CYA (see ya)! 



  1. Love your acronymn, I was just petting Jack.

  2. From this moment on I am going to use that accronym. CTPC is a GREAT one!


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